So let’s get this straight…last April, when Bill Belichick traded for Randy Moss, he was ripped for taking the chance of potentially destroying the Patriots team chemistry by bringing in the malcontent Moss.

Fast forward eleven months, and Bill Belichick is being ripped for potentially destroying team chemistry and risking making Tom Brady unhappy by not immediately signing Randy Moss to a new contract.

Sound about right?

The morning hate show on WEEI had Moss already gone to another team this morning, and had reactionary Patriots fans calling in to say that they’ve had it with Belichick and basically that it’s time to cut ties with the coach, that his arrogance is costing the team just too much.

Mike Florio on says that he has “preliminary, uncorroborated rumors that receiver Randy Moss has agreed to terms with the Patriots.”

Gee, sounds solid to me.

John Clayton says a deal could come today.

12 thoughts on “What a Difference a Year Makes

  1. According to Jason Whitlock, the Pats run is OVER if they don’t sign Moss even though he admits the Pats won 3 SB’s without him.

    Also, as I recall, Moss was a cancer who would destroy team chemistry, now fans are want to keep Moss and get rid of the coach.

    My head is spinning.


  2. I call BS. The guys on the morning show DID NOT have Moss going to another team. They said if Moss did leave it would be the biggest mistake in BB career because all they had to do was franchise him. They couldn’t believe BB would make that kind of mistake. The figured he had to be back, and they called out BS to all the Moss reports he was going elsewhere. I think they wanted him to leave though, I will say that.


    1. John – all of the vitroil towards Belichick this morning was based on the premise that Moss was leaving. They operated on that premise to generate the hate and the calls. You’re correct that they didn’t have a destination for Moss named out, but they spent the morning reacting as if he was already gone to another team…


  3. Bruce,

    I have to agree with you about the WEEI morning show. Their behavior ever since football season started back in September has been utterly nasty and relentlessly negative, not to mention insulting towards many Patriots’ fans. Their childish and constant bickering with the Big Show’s pom-pom waivers (annoying as those guys are) is juvenile at best, and downright embarrassing at worst. We’re talking about GROWN MEN, some of whom are as old as their late-50s, actually talking about “meeting any time, any place”, to duke it out over things that are being said on the air about one another. I suspect that some of it is contrived in order to spice up the ratings, but some if it does appear to be genuine and the distaste that D&C seem to have for ANYONE who sticks up for Belichick and the organization is palpable.

    This morning they were already prepping us for when the organization’s “apologists” come forward to “take back every nasty thing they said about Ty Law when he left town 3 years ago” if Law re-signs with the Pats. The fact that circumstances have changed over the last three years and that Law’s price tag, and role, both will be significantly diminished if he does return to Foxboro in 2008 was never mentioned.

    I really can’t listen to those guys anymore.

    The Big Show buffoons are at least mildly entertaining while waving their pom-poms, and they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously (that’s my view on it anyway).

    D&C just seem to be nasty egomaniacs with an inherent need to insult anyone who disagrees with them.

    They’re off my morning playlist for sure–it’s Black Crowes CDs for me for the rest of March anyway! When the baseball season begins and the football talk dies down, maybe I’ll give D&C another trial run.


  4. I agree with Tony. I can’t handle D&C anymore. I don’t mind some criticism but these guys aren’t RATIONAL at all. The Monday after the Super Bowl you have Dennis screaming, “well, there you have it, Bill Belichick is THE NEW BILL BUCKNER!!!”….please….I’ll take the Big Show and Dale & Holley over D&C anyday. At least those guys sound like they enjoy sports. D&C is a 4 hour bitching session…..and in an amazing coincidence, THEY NEVER seem to criticize any of their regular interview subjects (Brady,Doc Rivers,Curt Schilling)…their act has gotten old…I wish they would talk MORE politics, I can’t stand it when they talk sports


  5. As a long time listener (and occasional defender) of the morning D & C show even I have to admit that the show has taken on an extremely unpleasant and borderline hostile aura in particular regards to some of their callers as of late..Granted some of those same calls and callers are so absurd as to deserve at least a little criticism.But overall I think John and Gerry as of late are increasingly morphing into two old and VERY bitter men..Not entertaining radio as of late.


  6. I used to listen to D&C regularly on the drive to work. Then I got a job that doesn’t provide the same opportunity.

    I swear, I’ve obtained happier and healthier outlook on sports and life.

    I won’t ever go back.


  7. I can no longer listen to those chuckleheads. All 3 of them are awful. I haven’t listen months and enjoy my mornings now.


  8. As soon, as D&C got their big deal from Entercom that let their arrogant, miserable, hate-filled personalities shine through.

    I have not listened to them in over a month and I’ll guarantee their ratings are plummeting.

    Listening to them is like listening to Imus …. Depressing!


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