The New York Times reports that Senator Arlen Specter wants the N.F.L. to explain why the Patriots’ Spygate tapes were destroyed. Apparently he’s finally finished working on the single bullet theory.

Specter, an Eagles fan who regularly calls a sports talk radio show in Philadelphia, wants to call NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell before the Senate Judiciary Committee (of which Specter is the ranking member) to be questioned about the tapes as well as about the NFL’s antitrust exemption in relation to its TV contract.

Apparently these are now pressing issues that the government needs to address.

Dale Arnold said this morning that Specter told the Dan Patrick radio show that he sent his first letter to the NFL just before the Patriots played the Eagles this season, and also inquired if the scandal would’ve had an impact on the Patriots victory over the Eagles in the Super Bowl in 2005.

No self-interest there.