If you missed your Bruins stories this morning, you can go to BruinsLinks.com to read the coverage of the Bruins 4-1 win over the first place Ottawa Senators.

Aaron Schatz has the Football Outsiders Super Bowl Preview, calling it the biggest mismatch in Super Bowl history.

Michael Silver picked the Patriots to win the Super Bowl before the season started, Is he really going to pick the Giants now? Michael McCarthy says that Brady and the Patriots are prime targets for naysayers. Tom E. Curran says that with a win on Sunday, Bill Belichick goes down as the greatest coach in NFL history. He also has Belichick’s 10 phrases to live by. In Miami, Armando Salguero tries to figure out if Belichick is a genius or jerk.

Bill Simmons has his Patriots/Giants prediction. He also has a Super Bowl edition of the links. The guy who does less with more access than anyone, Peter King has some Hall of Fame and Super Bowl thoughts. John Czarnecki says that even if the Patriots go 19-0, they won’t be the greatest team ever. Mark Kriegel says that Tom Brady is everything that Bill Belichick is not. Jarrett Bell looks at the relationship of the pair as they go for history on Sunday. Bells also says that Belichick’s greatness is in the details.

SI.com’s NFL writers make their Super Bowl Picks. ESPN has their analysts picks spread across two different pages. Some things are just too predictable. There is the first page where Merril Hoge picks the Giants. and the second page, where Gregg Easterbrook picks the Giants because they won 17 years ago. He also calls it “the most recent major Super Bowl upset.” Patriots over Rams wasn’t an upset? Wright Thompson? 35-3 Giants? (Yes, I know he is joking.) Gene Wojciechowski has 15 reasons the Patriots will win.

Mike Wilkening says that Laurence Maroney is a star in the making. Jim Trotter looks at how a diaper jump-started Maroney’s season. Troy Aikman says that the Giants need to stop Wes Welker. Chris Hanson doesn’t feel like answering dumb questions from Clark Judge.

Dan Wetzel brings absolutely nothing to table in his effort to explore whether the Patriots past victories are tainted by Spygate. Mike Celizic opens with “The Giants can win this football game, and anybody who doesn’t see that either just fell off the turnip truck or simply hasn’t been paying attention.”

Yes, he actually wrote that.

A few media columns: John Maffei and David Barron have FOX dreaming of a 50 rating for the Super Bowl. Dave Darling offers some suggestions for improving the Super Bowl. Neil Best has the New York media showing up in force in Arizona. Jay Posner says that we’ll see plenty of showbiz on Sunday. Bob Wolfley runs down the entertainment and schedule for Sunday. Phil Mushnick says that the tradition of Super Bowl parties is being killed by the NFL pushing the start time back further and further.