Hopefully the Randy Moss thing is winding down now as we approach the end of the week. Yesterday saw the accuser’s attorney go to the press to give their side of things, which included the claim that Moss’ attorney’s were the first to offer a “six figures” to make this go away. That result in an angry rebuttal from Tim DiPiero, the agent for Moss. DiPiero sent his account to the Globe and Herald, and appears to have been diligent in trying to dot his “i’s” and cross this “t’s” in this whole ugly affair. Among other things, he notes that he had contacted the FBI about the threats made by the accuser’s attorney – if true, that would certainly lend some credibility to the Moss side of things.

With the statement coming in pretty late last night (The Herald posted the statement after 9:00), you would imagine some reporters needed to re-write their stories they had written solely based on the accuser’s account earlier in the day. The headline of Bob Hohler’s story would seem to indicate that, even though the DiPiero material is included in the story. Today the Herald’s legal team is made up of Heslam, Tomase and Sweet as they report on the latest events. Shalise Manza Young also has a report on the events of yesterday.

Karen Guregian has Moss back to his old self at practice yesterday. Lenny Megliola says that the Moss mess will not be a distraction to the Patriots on Sunday.

On Patriots Daily, we’ve got a few notes of the week, while finishing up our roundtable. Mike Reiss has a look at the Patriots defensive linemen and what their job is in the 3-4 defense. Eric McHugh says Sunday could be a battle of hotheads with Phillip Rivers and Rodney Harrison on the field together. (Something that wasn’t the case last January or September.) Christopher L. Gasper examines the offensive line of the Patriots and their ability to morph into whatever the game plan calls for each week. Mark Farinella also has a good profile of the Offensive line, and the pride they take in their play and also in playing together as a close-knit unit.

Michael Vega has Junior Seau preparing to face the team he is most identified with for the AFC championship. John Tomase notes that Wes Welker was briefly a Charger before catching on with the Dolphins. Jeff Horrigan has Rodney Harrison vowing to police his emotions a little more closely this weekend, but not let up on his aggressiveness. Chris Kennedy has Seau and Harrison putting their San Diego ties behind them for this game. Chris Price though, says that the duo is secretly licking their chops.

Guregian has Laurence Maroney stepping up his game as the season has gone along. David Heuschkel also looks at Maroney and his progress as of late. Jennifer Toland notes that with the emergence of Maroney, the Chargers will now have to plan for the run as well as the pass. Christopher Price has more on Maroney taking advantage of his late-season carries. Horrigan also report on the mammoth job facing Dan Koppen and the Patriots offensive line this Sunday. Tomase compares Patriots vs. Chargers in a position-by-position comparison.

Guregian’s notebook has Seau not getting sentimental about facing the team he spent 13 years with. Vega’s notebook has Bill Belichick talking about the Chargers’ theme song, a tune he isn’t a huge fan of. Farinella’s notebook has more from Belichick on the Chargers fight song. Robert Lee’s notebook opens with the same topic. Tommy Hine’s notebook has the Patriots coach keeping an eye on the weather for Sunday. McHugh’s notebook has the Patriots O-Line trying to heal up a bit this week. Toland’s notebook has the Moss talk quieting down around Foxboro and the focus returning to the Chargers. David Brown’s notebook says that Moss and Donte Stallworth have suffered late-season disappointment before.


Jim McCabe re-visits the 1981 AFC Championship, where the Chargers took on the Bengals in temperatures that reached 59-below zero. Michael Felger has Norv Turner doing what Marty Schottenheimer was unable to accomplish – winning in the playoffs. Steve Buckley has the Chargers on their best behavior this week – with no trash talking to be heard anywhere. David Brown says that San Diego might be forced to use their bench often on Sunday.

Dan Shaughnessy profiles the anti-Brady, Chargers QB Phillip Rivers. The Herald believes the Bill Belichick might’ve given the Chargers bulletin-board material by saying that he hates the “San Diego Super-Chargers” theme song. Yes, I’m serious. Sandy Burgin has former Gardner High star Jacques Cesaire coming back to New England with the Chargers.

McCabe’s notebook has Charger injury updates. Buckley’s notebook has LaDainian Tomlinson getting back on the practice field yesterday. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has a roundup of NFL coverage available this weekend on the local and national outlets.


The Bruins lost in the shootout to the Toronto Maple Leafs last night, falling 3-2. Tony Massarotti says that the Red Sox need to take care of Terry Francona. The Celtics get ready to take on the Sixers at the Garden tonight.

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The BSMW Full Court Press has been busy as of late, Mike Martin says that Tony Allen should be playing more. Mike Brilliant has his latest Celtics report card.

Finally this morning, Red Sox fans won’t have Glenn Geffner to kick around anymore. The part time radio voice is moving on to the Florida Marlins, where he will be the #2 voice, calling four innings each game, while lead announcer Dave Van Horne will call five. Geffner is from the Miami area, so this is something of a homecoming for him.

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