Here’s the weekend lineup here on the BSMW network:

Tomorrow AM, I believe we’ll have Saturday links here with a guest blogger. Patriots Daily should have an AFC Championship Roundtable.

On Sunday, Patriots Daily is your headquarters for the Sunday Links and pregame thoughts.

Monday is a secular Holiday, but we’ll likely have something for you here on both sites.

Be sure to check out the BSMW baseball trip to Oakland with the BSMW Travel Club. Start spring early with some great California weather during the first week of April.

Some late week links:

Aaron Schatz has an AFC Championship preview posted on Football Outsiders.

Bill Simmons has his mailbag and weekend picks.

Kerry J. Byrne has a “baby blueprint” of how San Diego can beat the Patriots on Sunday afternoon. Don Banks has five ways that the Chargers can beat the Patriots. Tom Curran has five more.

Mike Freeman says that the Patriots aging linebackers could be the hole that San Diego exploits on Sunday.

Peter King has his AFC and NFC Championship picks.

Michael Silver looks at whether the Chargers and Giants can reverse the outcome of their week two losses to these same opponents.

USA Today has posted their Chargers vs. Patriots preview

John Clayton notes that Patriots/Chargers has turned into quite the nasty rivalry.

Dan Wetzel has Bill Belichick serving up more humble pie to his team.

Boston Daily collects the thoughts of Will Leitch, AJ Daulerio and the Mighty MJD in previewing Sunday’s game.

Chad Finn has 10 free minutes and thoughts for you.

Apparently, the New York Post doesn’t know the difference between Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth. (Edit – they had a graphic with the story that had a picture of Stallworth instead of Moss. It has since been removed.)