Patriots Daily contributor Bill Barnwell recently caught up with the Red Sox (currently anyway) centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury.

Speaking of Patriots Daily, Christopher Price checks in with his “Inside Gillette” segment, as well as, “Five things to look for this week”.

Gregg Easterbrook takes a look at the NFL’s plan to allow ticket brokers to re-sell NFL tickets. Gregg argues that this practice will only lead to astronomical ticket prices. He also gives his two cents on the Patriots victory over the Steelers. It even seems as if his son hates the Patriots. That plus all the usual nonsense in this week’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio has some NFL fans angry at the Patriots for not wearing the #21 decal on their helmets this weekend.

Old Boston scribe, Howard Bryant has a mammoth piece about the upcoming Mitchell Investigation, scheduled to be released sometime this week.

Peter King has a warning for Wayne Huizenga in this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback. He also has a suggestion for the Patriots on what they should do with their first round draft pick.

Michael Silver was at Foxboro this weekend, he offers up his observations and a look at the Steelers first year head coach Mike Tomlin.

Sports Illustrated has a great piece on the rehabilitation that injured Buffalo Bill, Kevin Everett is undergoing.

Michael Wilbon says that Michael Vick’s sentence reflects the judge’s dissatisfaction with Vick’s lying.

While you may have thought that a personal masseuse, as well as, a housing allowance were great perks added to Dice-K’s contract, that’s not the only thing he or some of these other players managed to get out of their respective ball clubs. Here’s a look at some of the offbeat clauses in baseball contracts.

ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber gives her critique of the World Wide Leader’s coverage of the Sean Taylor tragedy, also, their endless hours of Michael Vick.