The Sean Taylor murder is an example of a story that Dennis & Callahan love to cover, simply because it puts them at their “edgy” best (or worst). For some reason, these two absolutely go full bore on any story that might have an element of race to it. Given their background on this particular subject, you might think this would be an area they might shy away from. However, the truth is just the opposite.

They know that there is going to be added tension when they’re discussing these topics, and they embrace it. Consciously or not, people might stop and listen just to see if they’re going to “mess up” or say anything inappropriate. They’re not going to make that sort of mistake again, so they’re careful, but they still push these issues and milk the tension as much as they can.

They spent quite a bit of time this morning on this Jason Whitlock‘s column about the “Black KKK” which he says killed Sean Taylor. They criticized Dan Le Batard’s column which says that the media is spending too much time on what Taylor did to get himself killed.

More than once this week, John Dennis has referred to their discussions as trying to “advance the story.” I’m a little confused as to how exactly they’re doing that.

Dale & Holley stayed away from Taylor and talked about a possible Johan Santana trade to the Red Sox, based largely on a piece by Charley Walters which has everyone talking today. Walters claims that the Red Sox are now the favorites in the Santana trade sweepstakes. Jon Heyman on tries to see how the Santana trade talks shake out at the moment.

Jarrett Bell says that the Patriots make it their practice to discipline themselves. Apparently this is a problem, as Bell says it is a violation of NFL policy. Gregg Rosenthal says that there is little chance that the Patriots will rest their starters as the season winds towards the playoffs. David Pevear says that it was a good thing for the Patriots that Chad Brown was still around.

The Media Circus has ESPN’s Ed Werder slightly misrepresenting Tony Romo’s adoration of Brett Favre. John Clayton has his first and ten for this week’s games.

Charley Rosen says that Rajon Rondo and the team defense (which has been a strength thus far) will be the downfall of the Celtics. David Dupree however, says that Rondo and Kendrick Perkins have been just fine for the Celtics. David Picker says that the Celtics are a great example of how quickly a team can turn things around. Mike Fine has a look at the sad legacy of Isiah Thomas with the Knicks. Bill Burt talks to Bill Curley about why the Kevin Garnett/Stephon Marbury duo didn’t work out in Minnesota. Curley was a teammate of theirs on that squad.

Jalen Rose looks at how the East is shaping up thus far.

Wallace Matthews says that the Yankees need to do anything possible to stop the Red Sox. Things really have come full circle in this decade, haven’t they?

Chaz Scoggins has a look at Jon Goode’s new children’s book Pitching with the Papelbons.

An interesting little follow up from Boston Magazine after their feature linked here earlier this week: Charlie Jacobs Backstory.

Bill Simmons did a marathon 7-hour chat session.


A very busy night for sports on TV:

7:30pm, NESN – Bruins @ Panthers
7:30pm, ESPN – Rutgers @ Louisville (football)
8:00pm, TNT – Knicks @ Celtics
8:00pm, NFLN – Packers @ Cowboys
9:00pm, ESPN2 – Oregon @ Kansas St. (basketball)
10:30pm, TNT – Nuggets @ Lakers
11:00pm, CSN – Oklahoma @ USC (basketball)