Mike Reiss has a new edition of the Ask Reiss Patriots mailbag posted today.

The PatriotsDaily.com mention is appreciated, Mike!

Gregg Easterbrook continues to whine about the Patriots poor sportsmanship in running up the score, and drops this stunner in the middle of a Patriots rant about how Tom Brady gets too much credit for the Patriots offensive success: Put Joey Harrington behind New England’s great offensive line, and he’d be a star.

Steve Almond of Salon.com tries to play the angle that Boston fans are actually miserable with all the success their teams are having, and are having an identity crisis. I don’t know where he found the “fans” he quotes in this piece, including a Patriots season ticket holder who says that Boston fans “secretly need their teams to screw up.”

By that logic, shouldn’t all the Bruins games be sellouts?

If you haven’t had a chance, you really should listen to the Tom Brady Interview with Dennis and Callahan this morning. He got into it with them a little bit on the topic of when the starters should come out of the game, starting around the 12:00 minute mark or so.

Red Sox radio announcer Joe Castiglione is interviewed by Sports Media Guide.

I hadn’t seen this angle yet. Reggie Rivers of Pro Football Weekly claims that: The Patriots’ quest for a perfect season probably died when the Colts’ Adam Vinatieri was wide right on the would-be game-winner in San Diego. Probably? That’s a pretty strong statement.

Larry Weisman says that Bill Belichick isn’t going to let up on his team, and his team isn’t going to let up on opponents.

Mark Kriegel notes that the Patriots are making life hard for the bookies.

Randy Hill says that now we’re seeing just how good Kevin Garnett is.

With the Patriots on NBC for the second week in a row, John Madden got to weigh in on New England again during a conference call today. He reemphasized what he said last Sunday night about Tom Brady and the Patriots offense:

“It’s the best offense I’ve ever seen. I said the other night that Tom Brady is playing the position of quarterback, right now, better than I’ve ever seen anyone play it in my history. Where they go as the best team [of all time], I think offensively they are right there. I think the best offensive teams that won were probably the San Francisco 49ers, in my mind, and I think this [offense] — the way they’re playing right now — is probably better. Again, I put the whole thing together with the offensive line and the receivers and the quarterback and everything.

He went on to say that the Patriots defense isn’t to the level of the ’85 Chicago Bears, or to the Steelers’ teams of the 1970’s, so it would be hard to say if they’re the best all around team of all time, but offensively, he feels they’re right there.

The Bruins/Maple Leafs game tonight is on Versus, starting at 7:00.