Manny Ramirez appeared on The Tonight Show last night with Jay Leno.

This more of the Manny that we’ve been seeing since the playoffs started, and not the guy that has been portrayed in so many of the articles that have been written over the last 7 or so years.

If you went by what you read, you’d think the guy would have no clue about what Boston College, the Patriots or Celtics were doing. He talks about his “not the end of the world” statement in the Cleveland series, and yes, he said it to get the pressure off his teammates.

It seemed to have worked. A firestorm was created around Manny, lessening the attention on his teammates. The media went right along with his scheme on that one. He talks about his helmet coming off during game three…the play that drove Buck and McCarver crazy.

Sure, he doesn’t have profound things to say, but this clearly isn’t the guy that we’ve been told about.

David Ortiz was on with Conan O’Brien last night as well, here is his appearance:

John Molori says that this World Series has punched Curt Schilling’s ticket to the Hall of Fame.

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