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Bill Belichick’s favorite sports columnist Gregg Easterbrook was interviewed this morning on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan. The interview itself was around ten minutes in length. D & C asked Gregg to elaborate on some of the ridiculous comments he’s made in his recent Tuesday Morning Quarterback columns.

Easterbrook reiterated his belief that the destruction of the videotapes by the league proves there was something to hide. He also says that although he has no proof, he’s continuing to pursue the story. Gregg also states that the reason this issue (CameraGate) is no longer being discussed (really Gregg, no longer?) is due to the fact that sports writers are not investigative journalists. He also goes on to say he’s surprised the Boston Globe or the New York Times are not digging deeper into this story (Gregg, ever think that there actually may be no “juicy” story).

Easterbrook also believes that teams will now do what they can to knock down Tom Brady (easier said than done) if the Pats continue to “run up” the score on opponents. While Gregg did not advocate an opponent purposely trying to injure an opposing player he did say he would not be surprised if this will be something an opposing player may try.

A funny moment is when Gregg discusses the strategy he would employ to stop the Pats running it up, which would be to call a “double safety blitz”. This seems like a great strategy, but isn’t one of Brady’s greatest assets his ability to read coverages and set up protection? Why then would he fall for a “double safety blitz”? Easterbrook also used the Peter King defense when Gerry Callahan asked him if he had “a hair across his ass for Belichick”. Easterbrook’s reply was that when he wrote a glowing article about Belichick two years ago for NFL.com no one accused him of having an agenda. I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that but in any case a pretty lame defense.

Keeping with the Easterbrook theme, Gregg has his latest edition of Tuesday Morning Quarterback. In this week’s installment, Gregg manages to praise Belichick saying “No one draws up a better game plan than Belichick.”

He then addresses last week’s “Good vs. Evil” column saying “After the column posted, I felt badly that I had not made clear I was being satirical — that was my failing as a writer — because, after all, none of us has the slightest idea what is in the hearts of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.”

He even says this “I apologize to Brady for complaining that he smirks — saying this is an insult, and although it’s fine to criticize public figures, insults are childish. (Remember, my argument is not with the New England players, it is with bad sportsmanship and cheating.)

This is unbelievable, can Gregg truly be apologizing for his ridiculously biased columns, is the world ending, are pigs flying, I’m honestly nervous right now. Then I read the following sentence and I knew the world was OK.

“I even toyed with apologizing to Belichick, since comparing him to Beelzebub was a tad overloaded. But then I watched Sunday’s game and thought, Belichick is exactly what I said!”

Perfectly put Gregg. Return to your childish insults, this will surely cement the fact that you are unbiased.

Speaking of unbiased, over at Patriots Daily, Dan Snapp attempted to consult the unwritten rules to see which ones the Patriots are actually breaking in runupthescoregate. The problem is, none of these unwritten rules are actually written, which kind of makes things difficult.

Matt Mosley asks his readers if “Belichick has company?” by compiling a list of coaches who are notorious for running up the score.

Somehow the editors over at Fox Sports didn’t read Easterbrook’s column last week. They have as the lead story on their website “Good vs. Evil” Complete with photo-shopped horns and tail on Belichick. Wow, way to be creative guys.

This Good vs Evil, Patriots vs Colts theme has even made it to one of the biggest non-sports blogs out there, The Daily Kos.

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Darren Rovell recalculated how many free tacos Taco Bell handed out yesterday. I think the most disturbing thing is that people will actually wait in a line for over 20 minutes to get something valued at around $1, its totally fascinating stuff. Can you imagine if they were giving away something valued at $10? There would be riots.

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Awful Announcing has the announcing teams for the NFL games this week. No surprise for the Pats-Colts game. If you’re traveling this weekend and you hope to catch the game, you may want to avoid the Houston area.

In closing we get the “Video Clip of the Day”. In today’s clip we get to see the greatest sports agent/salesman in the world make a case why A-Rod deserves in excess of $30 million.

To steal a line from one of my favorite movies…

He can “sell a ketchup popsicle to a man in a white suit”, Ladies and Gentlemen, Scott Boras…

Take it away Scott….


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