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Upon first listen TBS’ broadcast crew for last night’s Game 1 of the ALDS wasn’t all that bad. Given this fan base is very critical and hesitant of change (See: Glen Geffner) the tandem in the booth of Ted Robinson and Steve Stone was pretty adequate. Other than fan favorites Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo the folks around these parts have not had the opportunity to listen to many other broadcast teams during Sox games. Since all games are on NESN with the small exception that showed up on Fox or ESPN, we were sheltered for the most part from that monstrosity that is Joe Morgan, and “Brandon Arroyo’s” favorite Tim McCarver.

Robinson and Stone provided smooth commentary in what turned out to be a very good night for Red Sox fans. At first I felt weird not having Stone direct us to his website where he was giving away t-shirts but I quickly adjusted. Other than a couple of questionable observations by Stone, the most questionable being that baserunning was an underrated aspect of Manny’s game. Hustle aside, I think there’s plenty of Sox fans that would question that assessment. Also, Robinson feeling the need to explain the definition of a complete game is probably unnecessary. All in all, it will not be painful to listen to these two for the remainder of the series. That being said, I’m really hoping we don’t get any more “in-depth” analysis from Frank Thomas. Thomas who just finished his season with the Jays would appear to be someone who could provide some insight into the game and its nuances, right? Wrong. Thomas was asked to breakdown the Ortiz homer, which led to a strange awkward stare into the camera, and then a Emmit Smith style answer of “he left the curve up and David knows what to do with that”….gee you think Frank? How about maybe telling us how Lackey pitched to you, or some tendencies that he showed when he faced you as little as a few months ago, nope, just a vanilla answer.

This leads to the question as to why do they hire former players to be analysts if they posses no ability to clearly communicate what they know (See: Emmitt Smith). Ripken wasn’t that bad providing us with an explanation of the 2 and 4 seam fastball, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that Thomas’ analysis will be minimal if any.

Now for the fans who are yearning for the return of Remy and Orsillo, that’s not going to happen so let’s just adjust to what we have. Look on the bright side, if the Sox make it to the World Series, we’ll be stuck listening to McCarver’s analysis of Justin Pedroia’s swing. Plus, Remy’s busy.

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Tonight on TV

The Yankees and Indians kick off their divisional series tonight at Jacobs Field when Yankee ace Chien-Ming Wang takes the hill against C.C. Sabathia. The game begins at 6PM as the second game in today’s triple header on TBS.

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