David Scott reports that Albert Breer has accepted a job covering the Dallas Cowboys, on a shared beat, for the Dallas Morning News.

We just knew we had it just a bit too good on the Patriots beat there recently, didn’t we?

With the Gatehouse Media sharing agreement with the Boston Herald expiring soon, Breer’s work wasn’t going to be appearing there much longer. The next question is whether the MetroWest Daily News will replace Breer, or turn to another Gatehouse Media-employed writer such as The Patriot Ledger’s Eric McHugh to provide content for the paper and perhaps a Patriots blog.

Speaking of the Patriots beat, John Tomase stepped up today and ate a little crow for his column yesterday in which he stated that Asante Samuel’s holdout was fruitless. A good move by Tomase, as it’s OK to be off once in a while, especially if you admit it.

This is very different from someone like Ron Borges, who gets suspended for plagiarism, is allowed to retire his position, and then goes on the radio proclaiming that he was the victim and was “screwed.”

Another busy day at Patriots Daily, as John Hannah (or someone doing a reasonable impression of him based on email and IP address) weighs in with a comment on the Direct Snapp column from today.

Bill Simmons has a look at life in the “new” Red Sox Nation, including a photo album from a weekend in Tampa Bay.

Former Red Sox fan Jim Caple says that the team has the most obnoxious fans of all of sports.

Howard Bryant has a look at David Ortiz, who has been in pain almost all season, has heard criticism about his play, yet keeps carrying on.

Bryant also looks at how the Red Sox have gone retro, with manager Terry Francona becoming the public face of the front office.

Mike Miliard in The Phoenix, examines whether Sox Appeal has any appeal to Sox fans.

Eric Wilbur looks at the Red Sox facing Roger Clemens for the first time in nearly four years.

Sean Deveney says that the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is always relevant, regardless of the standings.

The Media Circus examines MickVickMania, which has seemingly overtaken all sports shows.

Peter King ranks the top 500 players in the NFL. Tom Brady comes in at number 2.

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Elizabeth Merrill looks at what is involved for an NFL player in learning the playbook.

Vic Carucci weighs in with some observations from week three of the NFL preseason.

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