The WEEI morning show today featured former Globe writer Ron Borges alongside Greg Dickerson.

It was largely a forgettable morning, dominated by Jon Meterparel, who increasingly has become the third co-host on the program and not just the flashboy. This isn’t a positive development.

One segment, shortly after 7:20 this morning, was noteworthy however. Dickerson teased Borges about the suspension issue at the Globe, and then said that Borges “got screwed” in the whole incident. Borges agreed.

They were talking about Asante Samuel returning to the Patriots as the Franchise tagged player after sitting out the first month of camp. Here’s the transcript:

Borges: Hey Walter Jones did this three years in a row, it didn’t seem to bother him one bit, he kept going to the Pro Bowl

Meterparel: It’s always back to Seattle for you, isn’t it?


Dickerson: it’s funny you say that Ron, I remember listening to a sports radio show out on K…KIRO radio in Seattle and I heard Mike Sando say the exact same thing.

Borges: Did you really…

Dickerson: I’m sorry…

Borges: Who’s he?

Meterparel: Ron, you’re never going to live that one down, admit it.

Dickerson: I’m sorry…

Meterparel: Some of us all have..

Dickerson: I hate to admit this, because I like you, actually because I don’t like you…but you got screwed…but I’ll leave it…

Borges: I did get screwed.

Meterparel: Railroaded.

Dickerson: I’m still going to make fun of you, because…that’s what we do on this radio station.

Borges: That’s all right – you can laugh at it, because you know, when you know the truth, you can laugh at it.

So there you have it. Ron Borges got screwed. He didn’t plagiarize – he is the victim. There’s got to be an upcoming lawsuit against the Globe, right?

The NFL Network announced two new shows that will air Tuesday through Friday on the network beginning on September 4th. These shows will lead into the flagship offering by the network, NFL Total Access:

6:00 PM ET
College Football Now – Host Paul Burmeister; Analysts Mike Mayock, Charles Davis, and Terry Donahue

CFN is a studio-based information show providing viewers with up-to-the-minute news, match-up analysis and discussion of all the hot topics in college football including the latest Top 25 and BCS rankings.

Using expert college football analysts Mike Mayock and Charles Davis and former college coach Terry Donahue, College Football Now gives fans credible and independent insight from people who have played the game and follow the sport year-round. CFN will also include on-air appearances by the editors of websites which cover college football teams on a daily basis.

6:30 PM ET
Put Up Your Dukes – Host Jamie Dukes

Put Up Your Dukes is a 30-minute show starring former NFL offensive lineman Jamie Dukes tackling the headlines of the day in football. The show promises to inform and entertain and use Dukes’ engaging personality to bring the viewer inside the National Football League to share opinions and debate the issues people are talking about.

Each show will feature “10 Rounds” of discussion highlighting the players, plays and key topics of the day. An interactive component through will allow viewers to submit questions for Dukes, who will answer some of them on air.

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