A shorter entry heading into the weekend this Friday afternoon as I try to recover from a busy week and get a head start on some deadline work for next week (outside of BSMW).

The Patriots open Gillette stadium for the first time in the 2007 season with a preseason tilt tonight with the Tennessee Titans – a matchup that Titans’ linebacker Keith Bullock has singlehandedly made interesting with his comments about settling a score with Patriots receiver Reche Caldwell.

We’ve got all the coverage plus a Game Day Rear View following the game over on Patriots Daily. We’ll also have the football links on Sunday morning.

The Red Sox are playing a doubleheader with the Angels today, and then have two more games this weekend with the same club. Keep up with all the Red Sox news on RedSoxLinks.com.

Peter King selects his All Time NFL team. John Hannah, Adam Vinatieri and Bill Belichick (Defensive Coordinator) are those with Patriots connections. Former coach Raymond Berry is also on there, as a receiver.

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders is Bill Simmons’ guest on The B.S. Report. (If WEEI needs fill in co-hosts, it’s a mystery to me why they haven’t tried Schatz, he’s one of the few “stat guys” with extensive radio experience, and he’s right in the area.)

I have no idea why this article on Curt Schilling by David Armstrong is in Forbes Magazine (free registration required). This is one of the worst articles I’ve read in some time.

Michael Silver, now with Yahoo! Sports (and also a contributor to the WBCN Patriots Pregame Show) has a preview of “The Gameface,” which will appear every Friday during the season.

The Sporting News reviews some gadgets designed to offer you The ultimate NFL viewing experience.

If you missed Sox Appeal Episode 3, Pink Hat Hell has the recap for you.