It’s was a getaway afternoon day game for the Red Sox at Fenway today. After giving up a 3-0 lead, the Red Sox were finally able to pull away from the Orioles, settling for a 7-4 win.

Tim Wakefield picked up his 150th win as a member of the Red Sox. Eric Gagne also made his Red Sox debut, giving up a run on a pair of hits in the ninth inning.

The ceremonies honoring Bobby Doerr prior to the game were well done, as usual, and getting to see and hear Doerr at Fenway one last time was moving. Doerr said he watches every Red Sox game back home in Oregon, and had some kind words for the Red Sox current second baseman, Dustin Pedroia.

If you’ve got Comcast cable here in the Boston market and have the sports tier which they have moved the NFL Network to, you should now see the channel in HD on 853.

Dan Snapp on Patriots Daily looks at the context of Randy Moss’ “I play when I want to play” quote.

Pink Hat Hell has a review of last night’s Sox Appeal debut on NESN.

Lynn Worthy has Danny Ainge finally showing that he is not just all talk.

Jon Birger and Tim Arango of fortune, look at The dismantling of the Yankee empire with the YES Network being put up for sale. Could the team be next?

The Sporting News’ War Room scouts have a look at Patriots training camp.

Variety reports that the NFL is looking to get into the movie business by producing a film about legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

Peter Schrager puts the Colts at the top of his first training camp power rankings.

In The Media Circus this week, Bill Plaschke and Rick Morrisey are sure the sports world is ending.

Clearly written before the Garnett trade, Bill Simmons outlines his summer of discontent.

Larry Dobrow doesn’t hate Barry Bonds, but tells us who we should really despise in baseball.

Do you think if we asked him now, that Johnny Damon would still say how much he loves playing for the Yankees?

ESPN looks at the current NFL stars to see Who’s ticketed for Canton?

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