David Stern held court today on the situation involving former ref Tim Donaghy. WEEI carried the beginning of the press conference, but just as Stern got beyond his opening remarks and started actually talking about the situation, the station broke away from the press conference, with Jon Wallach remarking that he was about to fall asleep, so they cut away.


The press conference was in fact anything but boring. Glenn Ordway said as much, as he noted not only Stern’s comments and answers on the situation, but also the preparedness of the reporters there, who several times brought up points that required Stern to think for a few seconds before coming up with answer.

One question I recall was a reporter noting that Donaghy has not actually been charged yet, so how does the league know he is actually guilty – Stern thought for a moment before answering that Donaghy’s attorneys have told the league that he is considering a plea agreement.

Bill Simmons says that this scandal could be the end of the NBA if not handled correctly.

A couple of items as noted by readers. From Nick Cafardo this morning:

We don't totally know the team's motivation for bringing him up for this game. We know some of the obvious reasons -- Tavarez was struggling; the Indians don't like to face lefties, and Lester had beaten them last Aug. 2.

If by “don’t like to face lefties” Nick means “have greater success against lefties” then he is absolutely correct. The Indians have a .274 average and .810 OPS in 1050 at bats against lefties as opposed to a .273 average and .738 OPS in 2385 at bats against righties.

And uh, Lester didn’t beat the Indians in that game, either. Papelbon got the win.

The start of Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column yesterday:


The league has told Atlanta owner Arthur Blank the disciplinary ball is in his court, and Blank intends to act by disciplining Vick in some way by the end of Tuesday.

Then of course later in the day on Monday, Vick was ordered by commissioner Roger Goodell to stay away from the Atlanta Falcons’ training camp.

And what was with King’s comment about David Ortiz’s “plant foot?” And what is he trying to insinuate?

Alan Siegel was at Wrigley Field last week and saw Barry Bonds hit 752 and 753 and gives his impressions of the park and scene.

Bill Burt on BradfordonBaseball.com says that Terry Francona has a problem.

Mike Loftus looks at the Bruins once again trading away one of their young players.

Eric McHugh has 10 hot questions in the NFC.

Glen Farley says that great expectations surround the Patriots this season.

Teddy Panos says that the Donaghy case opens up a whole can of worms.


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