Back in the swing of things after a beautiful weekend in New England, weather wise.

It was good and bad to see Ron Borges back on the pages of the Boston Globe this weekend. His feature on Randy Moss was interesting reading, though it might’ve carried a little more weight had his main sources been two people other than perhaps the worst coaches the NFL has seen since the glory days of Rich Kotite.

A reminder that former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson appears on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel at 10:00pm tonight. The program explores the subject of head trauma in former NFL players and the after effects, including dementia, depression and Alzheimers.

Patriots All-Access won their second Boston/New England Emmy Award for best sports series at Saturday night’s Boston/New England Emmy Awards ceremony at the Boston Marriott Copley Place. All-Access also won an Emmy in 1999.

Yesterday’s Fastballs and curves column by Tony Massarotti contained the following line, seemingly placed out of nowhere:

The only things worse than faceless media critics who hide behind their laptops are the media people who fund such wannabes.

I don’t really care about the obvious shot at this address. (Though if Tony perhaps knew how to use the internet better, he’d realize I’m not faceless.) What’s interesting here is the attack on his colleagues in the media.

If Tony only knew how many of his colleagues he really just insulted there.

Apparently Dan Shaughnessy likes to go into bars and watch himself on TV. (Barstool Sports)

Dan Kennedy had a good take over the weekend on David Ortiz’s frustration with the Herald and their headline writers.

Butch Stearns says he has done his due diligence and is comfortable to report the breaking news that “Dale Earnhardt Jr. has finalized a deal with Richard Childress Racing.”

Peter King has his Monday Morning Quarterback column for this week.

Gordon Edes has a Monday edition of the Ask Edes Mailbag.

Edes also did a Red Sox chat earlier today.

Michael McCann on Sports Law Blog looks at Tim Wakefield’s loyalty to the Red Sox and the Reserve Clause.

Jonah Keri looks at Wakefield’s amazing start to the season, and what a bargain his contract is for the Red Sox.

Michael Hiestand reports that the World Series this fall will begin on a Wednesday, and if it goes to a game 7, would end on November 1st.

On, Sean McAdam manages to catch up with the ever-elusive J.P.Ricciardi to talk about the Blue Jays struggles thus far this season.

Barry Horn looks at the TPC ratings and talks to FOX baseball analyst Mark Grace.

David Barron notes that all hell seems to break loose in the Houston sports media world whenever he goes on vacation.

Dan Caesar says that FSN Midwest’s plug of a saloon owned by a Cardinals broadcaster came at a poor time.


7:00pm, NESN – Tigers @ Red Sox
7:00pm, TNT – Cavs @ Nets
7:00pm, Versus – Sabres @ Senators
8:30pm, ESPN – AFL – Chicago Rush @ Dallas Desperados
9:30pm, TNT – Suns @ Spurs