I’ve gotten a few notes asking why I didn’t take the Herald to task for their front page headline of Schilling’s “We don’t need him…” quote yesterday.

Some wondered if it was just an example of only targeting Shaughnessy for the sake of targeting Shaughnessy. Not true. The difference between the two situations is that the Herald was just a headline. Once you looked inside the paper you would not find any references to Schilling being a blowhard, coupled with the statement that the quote “we don’t need him” represents “stupefying arrogance” – without giving any of the context of the quote.

Shaughnessy misrepresented the position that Schilling had, and then crucified him for it. While Schilling may well be a blowhard at times and arrogant at others, he was neither in this instance. He was not putting down Clemens, or saying that he wasn’t any good, and that Sox couldn’t use him. He was expressing confidence in his team. He also noted last week on WEEI…before any of this…that should Clemens come here, it would put one of his teammates out of a job, and he wasn’t sure he wanted that. Shaughnessy made it look entirely different. He also spent time on various media outlets yesterday saying that Schilling was now backpedaling from the quote.

Enough on that topic.


David Scott has a look this morning at what Ron Borges has been doing during his suspension. He wasn’t just sitting around at home repenting of his sins. He apparently was working for Oscar De La Hoya – yeah, someone that he routinely is assigned to cover as part of his boxing coverage. Borges wrote stories that appeared on De La Hoya’s website. He apparently did some other writing around the fight as well.

As Scott asks, How can the Globe “tolerate a writer working for a subject in promoting an event that the subject stands to make millions from?”

Jeff Horrigan has Josh Beckett looking to improve to 7-0 tonight as he gets the start against the Toronto Blue Jays. Gordon Edes has the Red Sox starting rotation in very good shape, even without Roger Clemens. Paul Doyle says that the Red Sox bullpen has been a huge reason for the team’s early season success. Ron Chimelis looks at some reasons for Daisuke Matsuzaka’s early struggles with the Red Sox.

Bill Ballou looks at Beckett and Terry Francona chasing some team history tonight in Toronto. Michael Silverman has David Ortiz defending Barry Bonds. Silverman also has a quick sidebar where Ortiz says he can’t be sure he never unwittingly took steroids growing up in the Dominican.

Horrigan’s notebook has Dustin Pedroia getting into the swing of things, entering tonight’s game he has reached base in 8 of his last 11 plate appearances, going 6 for 9. Edes’s notebook has a look at the equally hot Alex Cora, who gave Julio Lugo the day off on Sunday.


Gerry Callahan says that Roger Clemens’ decision to return to the Yankees is all about greed. Bob Ryan looks back at Clemens’ major league debut with the Red Sox, back in 1984, and how different the world was back then. Sean McAdam looks at what really fuels the Rocket, and includes this observation:

Clemens has taken disingenuousness to an art form in recent years, but nothing is as irritating as his penchant for suggesting that he’d like to retire if only others would let him.

Dom Amore looks at the Yankees bending the rules for Clemens, allowing him to basically come and go as he pleases. Bill Reynolds hopes Clemens gets what he deserves in New York. Lenny Megliola says that Clemens chose New York because he is a drama queen. Bill Ballou says that Clemens doesn’t have enough left to rescue the Yankees.

Terry Nau says that Red Sox fans should calm down and realize that they have the best pitching in baseball without Clemens. Bill Burt says that the signing of Clemens was an act of desperation for the Yankees, who lost out to the Red Sox on Dice-K, Beckett and Schilling in recent years. Jon Couturesays Clemens is no quick fix for the Yankees. Mike Fine says Curt Schilling was right…the Sox are fine without Clemens. Silverman says that Clemens might have a hard time duplicating the success he’s enjoyed with the Astros for the last three years with the switch back to the American League. Alex Speier says that Clemens changes the Red Sox/Yankees dynamic once again. Rob Bradford talks to Mark Loretta for the reaction in Houston to Clemens choosing the Yankees. David Sandora examines the Yankees new-look rotation.


John Tomase says that the Patriots plan to convert sixth round pick Justin Rogers to linebacker from defensive end. Mike Reiss has Rosevelt Colvin giving his impressions Adalius Thomas while participating the offseason conditioning program and playing Mr Mom.

Mark Blaudschun has Boston College and USC close to signing up for a two year series to meet on the gridiron.

Michael Vega and David Exum have New Hampshire International Speedway chairman Bob Bahre fired up over rumors that NASCAR officials told him not to sell his track to Kentucky Speedway or risk losing his race dates. He also lashes out at Darrell Waltrip.