Callahan Resting His Pipes

Gerry Callahan announced in the crossover to Dale & Holley yesterday morning that he’s been ordered by his doctor to take a few weeks off to completely rest his voice.

Anyone who has heard Callahan over the last few weeks knows that this is a wise move. Callahan was painful to listen for a few months now, and it had nothing to do with the content of what he was saying.

It is a little curious that the whole thing has been underplayed by WEEI…a collection of guys who don’t underplay ANYTHING. It was so underplayed that I wasn’t even aware that Gerry was out for that length of time. An emailer wanted to know why I hadn’t said anything about it, so I went and reviewed the show from yesterday and found the comments from Callahan in the crossover. Then this morning coming out of the 6:30 break, John Dennis mentioned casually that Callahan would be out for a couple weeks to rest his voice.

Callahan’s voice is clearly in bad shape, but the way the station hasn’t mentioned anything about it makes you wonder if there is something else going on here. The rumors have been flying around about D&C possibly shopping themselves around as their contract winds down, and it makes sense for Callahan to want to make sure his voice is OK for any new employer.

I first noticed this a few weeks ago, but this post on the Red Sox Chick blog reminded me that I hadn’t mentioned it here yet.

For weeks now, (and perhaps longer) the Herald hasn’t been able to spell Jeff Horrigan’s name correctly. In the byline for many of his stories, it has been appearing as “Jeff Horrgan.”

Does the Herald have a hot-button that is set up incorrectly, or are they just continually messing this spelling up?

Last night, Rob Bradford posted a final post on the old Bradford on Baseball blog. In the post, he thanked people at the Eagle-Tribune and directed people to his new Boston Herald powered blog, The Bradford Files.

This morning, the post is gone. Even though they can’t really keep the blog going without Bradford, the Eagle-Tribune apparently doesn’t want a link on it pointing to their former employee at the Herald, either. It is understandable on some levels, but rather petty on others. It makes it look like Bradford left without thanking the readers or his former employers at the ET.

Apparently, the ET has also shut off comments on the blog after some readers were posting the link to Bradford’s new blog.

Maybe Bill Burt’s absence on the Big Show yesterday (with Bradford on) wasn’t just a coincidence…

ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball telecast (April 22) featuring the New York Yankees at the Boston Red Sox averaged 3,952,000 household impressions and 5,483,000 viewers (people 2-plus), becoming the most-viewed Sunday Night Baseball telecast ever (ranking ahead of Yankees/Red Sox, July 25, 2004 – 3,862,000 households and 5,258,000 viewers).

The game was the most-viewed regular-season Major League Baseball telecast since Cardinals/Cubs – when Mark McGwire hit his 61st home run – September 7, 1998 (7,104,000 households). Additionally, the telecast ranked fifth in households and viewers among regular-season telecasts since ESPN began airing Major League Baseball games in 1990 (1,544 telecasts).

For those of you wanting to do some more in-depth scouting for this weekend’s NFL draft: In you have Comcast On Demand, there are profiles of more than 50 leading draft prospects featured. These profiles incorporate footage of the NFL Combine as well as Senior Bowl clips and collegiate highlights, and are available in the NFL Network section of the Sports & Fitness On Demand category.

Monday night I was a guest on the Lowell Sun Sports Talk Live program. The show airs each Monday night and is an hour long. I was on for the entire hour, and hosts Teddy Panos and Barry Scanlon and I discussed sports media, past, present and future.

You can check out this week’s show on the Sports Talk Live web page, the link to the audio is in the upper left hand corner of the page.

I don’t think we’re going to read about this in the Globe.

Bill Simmons says that the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight will be the last Big Fight, period.

Tom Casale has another edition of the Ask PFW mailbag.

Patriots Football Weekly also has an Official Blog with focus this week on the draft.

Eric McHugh has a look at where the Patriots stand defensively and whom they might target in the draft.

Mike Reiss lists out the top draft day deals for the Patriots.

Gary Fitz has the media looking to stir some things up prior to last night’s Red Sox game.

Sarah Green isn’t ready for another round of Red Sox/Yankees, but it’s coming this weekend regardless.


7:00pm, NESN – Red Sox @ Orioles
7:00pm, TNT – Nuggets @ Spurs
7:00pm, Versus – Rangers @ Sabres
8:00pm, ESPN – Tigers @ White Sox
9:30pm, TNT – Warriors @ Mavericks
10:00pm, Versus – Canucks @ Ducks


Sox Throw It Away

If Monday night was a letdown/hangover game, then what was last night? The Red Sox committed four errors as they were routed by the Blue Jays 10-3 at Fenway Park.

Nick Cafardo answers my question: awful. Jeff Horrigan notes that the largest crowd since World War II was on hand to see the Red Sox humiliate themselves last night. Tom Yantz notes that the three game sweep of the Yankees seems like a long time ago indeed. Ron Chimelis has the Sox dropping the ball at Fenway last night. Phil O’Neill says that last night was the real letdown for the Red Sox and the fans. Joe Haggerty has the Jays taking full advantage of the poor pitching and sloppy fielding of the Red Sox.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at four errors doing in the Red Sox last night. Stephen Harris looks at the struggles of starter Julian Tavarez in the loss. Joe McDonald says that putting Tavarez back in the bullpen and bringing Jon Lester to the starting rotation might be the best thing for the Red Sox. Paul Kenyon looks at how the season is off to an odd start for Mike Lowell – he’s been hot at the plate and shaky in the field.

Steve Bulpett has Frank Thomas talking about pacing himself over the course of the long season, as he wants to have an impact on the AL East race. Harris has New England native John McDonald talking about how special it is to come back and play at Fenway. Kevin Grayhas former NH Fisher Cat Aaron Hill now reaching his peak with the Blue Jays.

Bulpett notes that fans who wanted Wily Mo Pena in center over Coco Crisp are now booing him for his play.

Cafardo’s notebook says that Jon Lester could be waiting in the wings should Tavarez struggle in his next couple of starts. He also has Terry Francona talking about his ongoing battle with chewing tobacco. Horrigan’s notebook has Lyle Overbay saying he wasn’t trying to take out Alex Cora with his hands-up slide last week in Toronto. The Projo notebook has some mock cheers going up for Pena after a routine catch later in the game. Yantz’s notebook has Lester waiting in the wings. Chimelis’ notebook has some questions over Daisuke Matsuzaka tipping his cap to ARod after hitting him over the weekend. O’Neill’s notebook has Kevin Youkilis and Coco Crisp getting another night off to rest their aches.


Shira Springer and Mark Murphy look at Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck parting ways with Sebastian Telfair and have the player’s agent responding to the way that the owner handled the situation.

Peter May reports that charges against Tony Allen dating back to a 2005 incident have finally been dropped, but Murphy says that Allen could now face a civil suit from the alleged victims of the brawl and threats.

Mike Petraglia looks at the status of the coaching staff going into the offseason, and over at Nothing But Net on FSN there is the second part of three part series breaking down the roster.


On BSMW Game Day, we’ve got the final version of rumor inventory chart. What it is essentially is a listing of all college players that we’ve seen connected to the Patriots in some way, either through a combine interview, or a campus visit or being brought to Gillette for a personal workout and visit.

Mark Farinella notes how the NFL draft has become a spectator event, and looks back at the first time the Patriots did the draft up big, in 1998.

Mike Reiss looks at the top quarterbacks in the draft, focusing mainly on the top two players, LSU’s JaMarcus Russell and Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn. Christopher L. Gasper has a look at Division II QB prospect Toby Korrodi, who has opened eyes with his arm. David Brown goes over some offensive linemen the Patriots could be interested in. Karen Guregian looks at the defensive backs in the draft, noting that this is an area the club may focus their attention on. Shalise Manza Young looks at running backs, while Farinella looks at the tight ends.


Bob Ryan remembers David Halberstam. Christopher Price notes that Halberstam loved New England sports.

David Scott has more details on Rob Bradford’s blogging future.

Steve Conroy has young defensemen Mark Stuart and Matt Lashoff feeling ready to step in and help the Bruins defense.

Celtics Cut Ties with Telfair

Sebastian Telfair will not be back with the Celtics next season, a move that was not unexpected even prior to his arrest last week. Telfair did not live up to expectations in his first year with the Celtics, and by the end of the season, rookie Rajon Rondo had taken over the starting point guard role, with Telfair relegated to the bench. Today on the Boston Globe Celtics blog, the following was posted:

The Boston Globe has learned that the Celtics will sever ties with guard Sebastian Telfair after one season with the team, according to team managing partner Wyc Grousbeck, who sent an email to Globe reporters with the news.

"I wanted to let you know that we have removed Sebastian’s nameplate from his locker in Waltham. The facts and circumstances of his case have not been determined but he does not have a Celtics locker and we do not anticipate that he will," Grousbeck wrote in the email.

Why did Grousbeck find it necessary to send an email to the Globe (and other reporters) about this? I can’t say that the Celtics owner comes off well in this situation. He’s clearly trying very hard to make an example of Telfair and make a statement about how the franchise will handle these situations, but I think it comes off clumsy and contrived. The message indicates that the facts aren’t important. So what happens if a more important player is charged with something in the future…innocent or guilty? Will they also be released before the “facts and circumstances” are revealed? Perhaps there is more going on behind the scenes here – like a warning was given after the incident last season – but I still don’t like the public handling of this.

I didn’t think Telfair would be back with the team next season regardless, but Grousbeck’s email today could come back to bite him. This was just not handled well. Could you picture the Patriots handling something in this manner? No, they’d just cut the guy and move on. We still have no idea what happened to Doug Gabriel, except for speculation from various writers that he wasn’t working hard or picking up the system, but you didn’t heard a peep from the Patriots.

Butch Stearns is trying at this blogging thing, but is still having his rough patches. In his latest entry, Butch proclaims:

Not only is it OK to get excited, it is mandatory that you do! These two teams NEVER sweep each other. OK, the Yankees did it in September last year to basically end the Sox' miserable season.

I especially like the all-caps NEVER. If by NEVER Butch means nine times in the last 10 years prior to this weekend, then that certainly is a pretty incredible event.

Yup, nine times since 1997 the Red Sox or Yankees have swept the other in a regular season series.

  • 2006 – August 18-21, Yankees sweep five games from Red Sox in Fenway
  • 2004 – April 23-25, Red Sox sweep in New York
  • 2004 – June 29 – July 1, Yankees sweep in New York
  • 2002 – August 27-28, Yankees sweep two games (13-0 total score) in NY
  • 2001 – May 23-24, Yankees sweep in NY
  • 2001 – August 31 – September 1, Yankees sweep in Fenway
  • 2001 – September 7-9, Yankees sweep in NY
  • 1999 – September 10-12, Red Sox sweep in NY
  • 1997 – September 15-16, Yankees sweep 3 in NY

The Situationist makes the case that players selected in the NBA Draft will succeed or fail largely due to the situation of the team that drafts them.

Rob Bradford files his final column for the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune before moving onto the Boston Herald.

Mike Dunshee has a look at the second round of the NHL playoffs for the BSMW Power Play.

Dan Kennedy remembers David Halberstam.

CBS says that they will show up to six games in HD each week during the next NFL season.

Don Banks has 10 things that simply make too much sense not to happen on draft weekend. (Number 7: New England selects Brown University’s Zak DeOssie.)

Peter King doesn’t see many early draft trades this weekend.

Gregg Easterbrook has his 2007 mocking of mock drafts in Tuesday Morning Quarterback.

Mark Farinella has a look at the offensive linemen in the draft, though he doesn’t see the Patriots taking one early.

Richard Sandomir says that ESPN didn’t do a great job in their replays of the Red Sox four consecutive home runs on Sunday night. He points to the Theo Epstein reaction shot, which was shown as being after the wrong home run and a few other things.

Bob Raissman knocks ESPN’s Jon Miller and Joe Morgan for holding back on revealing their conversation with Manny Ramirez.

Neil Best praises John Sterling despite his flaws for his calls of ARod’s home runs this season.

Leonard Shapiro notes that the Virgina Tech shootings hit a bit too close to home, as his son is a student there.


7:00pm, NESN – Blue Jays @ Red Sox
7:00pm, TBS – Braves @ Marlins
8:00pm, TNT – Heat @ Bulls
10:30pm, TNT – Lakers @ Suns

Sox Fall Flat Against Jays

Coming off their exhilarating three game sweep of the New York Yankees, the Red Sox came out a bit flat last night, falling to Tomo Ohka and the Toronto Blue Jays 7-3 at Fenway Park.

Gordon Edes looks at Frank Thomas getting the Jays out to the lead with his home run off of Tim Wakefield and the tired Red Sox. Jeff Horrigan has the Red Sox suffering from a hangover effect last night. Paul Kenyon says that despite last night, the Red Sox are looking really solid this season. Tom Yantz has more on the Sox falling flat against Toronto last night. Phil O’Neill looks at Thomas putting a Big Hurt on Wakefield and the Sox.

Gerry Callahan says that Terry Francona is on a hot streak, as every decision he is making and button he is pushing seems to be the right one lately. Alex Speier says that at long last, Francona is viewed as a winner, and there is more to it than his career record finally getting above .500. Nick Cafardo looks at how letdowns and off days are considered acceptable occasionally in baseball.

Stephen Harris looks at the Red Sox bats going cold for Tim Wakefield. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has Aaron Hill and the Jays getting a much needed win against the Red Sox. Steve Bulpett looks at Tomo Ohka getting a night in the spotlight. Kevin McNamara has a look at John McDonald – Providence College’s final gift to major-league baseball. Joe Haggerty has more on the dwindling numbers of Providence College baseball players playing pro.

Joe Haggerty has Julian Tavarez wishing to remain a starter, but ready to head to the bullpen when Jon Lester comes back. Burrell also looks at Dustin Pedroia doing all he can to help the Red Sox, even if his at hasn’t fully come around just yet. Harris notes that those who believe in Pedroia saw him at his best on Sunday night against the Yankees. Bulpett has the Sox newcomers talking about their first exposure to the Red Sox/Yankees experience.

AP Columnist Jim Litke, with an incredible mastery of the obvious, tells Red Sox fans that it is only April not October, and that they simply suffer from envy of the Yankees and their fans.

I think my eyes glazed over a bit this morning as I tried to understand the numerical formulas in Edes’ notebook regarding the probability of a team hitting four home runs in a row. In the end it works out to 1 in 14.3 million. Horrigan’s notebook ha Coco Crisp sitting out last night with an oblique injury. The Projo notebook has a look at Wakefield doing well until hitting a speed bump in the sixth inning. Yantz’s notebook has Mike Timlin a bit shaken after catching a ball headed towards his head last night in the ninth inning. O’Neill’s notebook has more on the post-Yankee blues.


We’ve got a great roundup of possible Patriots draft targets on the BSMW Game Day page, which today compiles all the profiles of possible draftees and puts them into one place for your own draft research.

Dan Pires looks at potential Patriots picks at running back. John Tomase also looks at running back. Jim McCabe looks at a pair of Boston College offensive linemen getting ready for the draft. Mike Reiss has a look at offensive line prospects, starting with Wisconsin’s Joe Thomas.

Jim Donaldson is thankful for the Bruins and Celtics missing the playoffs, because it means less work for him.

David Halberstam – 1934-2007

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author David Halberstam passed away today from injuries sustained in a car accident in California.

One of Halberstam’s projects in recent years was of course the book The Education of a Coach on Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Through the Patriots media relations department, Belichick offered this statement:

“It was a privilege and honor to watch David practice his craft and an even greater one to call him a friend. David was as warm, considerate, intelligent, interesting and accomplished a person as I have ever met and his loss is heartbreaking.”

Halberstam was currently on working on a book on NFL hall of famer Y.A. Tittle.

Wikipedia entry on Halberstam.
San Jose Mercury News Report
San Francisco Chronicle Report
2005 BSMW Media Blitz Interview with Halberstam.

Red Sox/Yankees Leftovers

I’m really not sure what is worse, listening to Joe Morgan analyze a baseball game on ESPN, or listening to WEEI hosts complain about Joe Morgan.

Dennis & Callahan even had a clever skit this morning where a Joe Morgan-sound-a-like called in and pretended to be Morgan so that D&C could ask him the tough questions! Great radio!

Or not so much.

Seriously, listening to Morgan is painful most of the time, though I’d still rather listen to him than Tim McCarver, but the complaining on the WEEI shows about him is just as painful. It’s terrible.

A BSMW reader left the following message before the Big Show hit the air this afternoon:

Anyone want to bet Ordway plays the wise, sage cautious role today on Brighton Heat? He’ll conspicuously distance himself, putting on that oh-so-wise hushed voice, from the “average fan who is ready to ordahhhhhhhhhhh World Series rings….” And he’ll spew on and on “there are a lot of encouraging things, but c’mon guys its April….”

For the record, I, along with every Red Sox fan I know…..AGREES WITH THAT SENTIMENT. Its ONLY APRIL. They look good, the Yankees look bad….but please.

My issue is how he’ll paint the fandom as in a rampant homerism frenzy and he and only he alone can see the real situation. He’ll tell us all we’re out of control, but Oracle Ordway knows better. Fraud. That isn’t what most fans are saying, but I’m sure he’ll find a few off-the-wall idiots to call in and paint all of New England with that broad brush.

Just a prediction. I can’t listen right at two, let me know if I’m right.

You were right. I tuned in just in time to hear Ordway urging caution to an overzealous caller and adding “I’m not being negative, I’m being a realist…”

Bill Simmons offers up 10 thoughts on the Red Sox weekend sweep of the Yankees at Fenway Park.

David Scott reports on David Briggs’ three year run at WHDH-TV coming to an end.

Tom Curran has an interview with Steve DeOssie about his son Zak getting ready for the NFL draft, and about Steve running the Boston Marathon.

Chad Finn did a live blog of last night’s Red Sox/Yankees game.

Eric Wilbur says there is a lot to like about this Red Sox team.

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback has a look at the last minute maneuverings in the days prior to the draft.

Bill Barnwell looks at the best and worst picks ever for each NFL team.

Bob Raissman says there isn’t enough room on the NBC Football Night in America for Keith Olbermann, Cris Collinsworth and Bob Costas.

Michael Hiestand looks at the double coverage of the NFL draft on tap this weekend from ESPN and NFL Network.


7:00pm, NESN – Blue Jays @ Red Sox
7:00pm, TNT – Magic @ Pistons
7:30pm, ESPN2 – AFL – Philadelphia Soul @ Columbus Destroyers
9:30pm, TNT – Jazz @ Rockets

Sox Power Sweep Yankees

Chalk up round one to the Red Sox.

Aided by four consecutive home runs in the third inning, plus a three run homer by Mike Lowell in the seventh inning (his 2nd home run on the night) the Red Sox powered past the New York Yankees 7-6 last night at Fenway Park in front of a national audience on ESPN.

Jeff Horrigan has a look at the Red Sox power surge, which helped Daisuke Matsuzaka get his second win of the season. Sean McAdam looks at a game and series at Fenway Park that really had everything. Gordon Edes has the Red Sox smashing the Yankees on a historic night in Boston baseball. Jeff Goldberg has Mike Lowell powering the Red Sox to a rare Fenway sweep of the Yankees. Lenny Megliola notes that last night’s game somehow managed to out-do the excitement of the first two games of the series. Phil O’Neill has another look at a historic night at Fenway Park.

Steve Buckley says that the Red Sox/Yankees “rivalry seems to agree with the Dice Man.” Steven Krasner has Matsuzaka struggling, but persevering through his seven plus innings on the mound last night. Nick Cafardo says that the outing wasn’t pretty for Matsuzaka, but he managed to survive and pick up the win in his first start against the Yankees.

Bob Ryan recounts and analyzes the four home runs in a row by the Red Sox in the third inning, comparing the sequence to the other times that it has happened in history. Michael Silverman has another look at the back-to-back-to-back-to-back solo shots by the Red Sox in the third inning. Kevin McNamara and Joe McDonald also have a look at the series of homers.

Alex Speier notes that Manny Ramirez is starting to turn the corner at the plate for the Red Sox. Jon Couture has Dustin Pedroia attempting to stay positive and work his way through his slump. McDonald and Krasner offer up a few other game notes and observations from last night as well, including Coco Crisp getting scratched from the starting lineup and Pedroia going with a new look. McAdam says don’t rule out the Red Sox as a possible suitor for ARod this fall.

Silverman has Jon Lester getting closer to a return to the big leagues, a return that could happen as soon as the first road trip in May. Joe McDonald also has a look at Lester returning to Fenway Park last night, and getting ready to take his final steps before returning to the big club in a few weeks. Benjamin also has a look at Lester visiting Fenway on his way to making a few starts for Pawtucket before returning to the Red Sox.

Horrigan’s notebook has Dustin Pedroia starting to work his way out of his slump with a 2-4 performance at the plate last night. Edes’ notebook has more on Pedroia keeping long-term view as he attempts to work through the struggles of his first big league season. Goldberg’s notebook has Pedroia chipping in with a pair of hits and key defensive play last night. Krasner’s notebook has Matsuzaka preventing ARod from hitting a homer in the first inning by hitting him first. O’Neill’s notebook has more on Lester’s return to Fenway. Couture’s notebook also has more on Lester.

Check the New York side of things on the New York Sports Pages mashup.

Stephen Harris has Johnny Damon dismissing the boos he gets from the Fenway fans, saying that he really loves that he signed with New York and that he’s in a much better place right now than Boston. Kevin McNamara has Joe Torre noting that the four home runs was just another wild and unpredictable thing that he has seen happen at Fenway Park.

Harris has Chase Wright dealing with the ignominy of having given up the four home runs in a row, Buckley notes that Wright now joins Paul Foytack as the only pitchers to have had that happen to them. Amalie Benjamin has Wright trying to stay positive after making some history he’d rather not be a part of. Dom Amore has more on Wright.


Christopher L. Gasper has a look at Texas safety Michael Griffin, who he says already talks like a Patriot. Albert Breer had looked at Griffin on Saturday on the Herald Point After blog.

John Tomase has a look at the wide receivers available in the draft this year. Michael Parente thinks that the Patriots could grab another receiver in the draft. Mike Reiss examines the defensive backs. David Brown looks at some defensive lineman that might appeal to the Patriots in the middle rounds. John Altavilla has a look at the top linebackers available in the draft.

As part of our huge draft week coverage, the BSMW Game Day page looks at the 2nd day Offensive Prospects and the 2nd day Defensive Prospects that might be available this Sunday.

John Altavilla has an interesting look at those who do mock drafts as a business and what makes them credible.


Mark Murphy has Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck addressing some burning questions surrounding his team as they head into a crucial offseason. Grousbeck says that the Celtics “have a winning team trapped in a losing team’s body” and compares Al Jefferson to Yaz.

Michael Muldoon and Tim Weisberg issue season ending report cards for the Celtics. Over on Nothing But Net there is the first of a three part season analyzing the Celtics roster.