I’m really not sure what is worse, listening to Joe Morgan analyze a baseball game on ESPN, or listening to WEEI hosts complain about Joe Morgan.

Dennis & Callahan even had a clever skit this morning where a Joe Morgan-sound-a-like called in and pretended to be Morgan so that D&C could ask him the tough questions! Great radio!

Or not so much.

Seriously, listening to Morgan is painful most of the time, though I’d still rather listen to him than Tim McCarver, but the complaining on the WEEI shows about him is just as painful. It’s terrible.

A BSMW reader left the following message before the Big Show hit the air this afternoon:

Anyone want to bet Ordway plays the wise, sage cautious role today on Brighton Heat? He’ll conspicuously distance himself, putting on that oh-so-wise hushed voice, from the “average fan who is ready to ordahhhhhhhhhhh World Series rings….” And he’ll spew on and on “there are a lot of encouraging things, but c’mon guys its April….”

For the record, I, along with every Red Sox fan I know…..AGREES WITH THAT SENTIMENT. Its ONLY APRIL. They look good, the Yankees look bad….but please.

My issue is how he’ll paint the fandom as in a rampant homerism frenzy and he and only he alone can see the real situation. He’ll tell us all we’re out of control, but Oracle Ordway knows better. Fraud. That isn’t what most fans are saying, but I’m sure he’ll find a few off-the-wall idiots to call in and paint all of New England with that broad brush.

Just a prediction. I can’t listen right at two, let me know if I’m right.

You were right. I tuned in just in time to hear Ordway urging caution to an overzealous caller and adding “I’m not being negative, I’m being a realist…”

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