Gerry Callahan announced in the crossover to Dale & Holley yesterday morning that he’s been ordered by his doctor to take a few weeks off to completely rest his voice.

Anyone who has heard Callahan over the last few weeks knows that this is a wise move. Callahan was painful to listen for a few months now, and it had nothing to do with the content of what he was saying.

It is a little curious that the whole thing has been underplayed by WEEI…a collection of guys who don’t underplay ANYTHING. It was so underplayed that I wasn’t even aware that Gerry was out for that length of time. An emailer wanted to know why I hadn’t said anything about it, so I went and reviewed the show from yesterday and found the comments from Callahan in the crossover. Then this morning coming out of the 6:30 break, John Dennis mentioned casually that Callahan would be out for a couple weeks to rest his voice.

Callahan’s voice is clearly in bad shape, but the way the station hasn’t mentioned anything about it makes you wonder if there is something else going on here. The rumors have been flying around about D&C possibly shopping themselves around as their contract winds down, and it makes sense for Callahan to want to make sure his voice is OK for any new employer.

I first noticed this a few weeks ago, but this post on the Red Sox Chick blog reminded me that I hadn’t mentioned it here yet.

For weeks now, (and perhaps longer) the Herald hasn’t been able to spell Jeff Horrigan’s name correctly. In the byline for many of his stories, it has been appearing as “Jeff Horrgan.”

Does the Herald have a hot-button that is set up incorrectly, or are they just continually messing this spelling up?

Last night, Rob Bradford posted a final post on the old Bradford on Baseball blog. In the post, he thanked people at the Eagle-Tribune and directed people to his new Boston Herald powered blog, The Bradford Files.

This morning, the post is gone. Even though they can’t really keep the blog going without Bradford, the Eagle-Tribune apparently doesn’t want a link on it pointing to their former employee at the Herald, either. It is understandable on some levels, but rather petty on others. It makes it look like Bradford left without thanking the readers or his former employers at the ET.

Apparently, the ET has also shut off comments on the blog after some readers were posting the link to Bradford’s new blog.

Maybe Bill Burt’s absence on the Big Show yesterday (with Bradford on) wasn’t just a coincidence…

ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball telecast (April 22) featuring the New York Yankees at the Boston Red Sox averaged 3,952,000 household impressions and 5,483,000 viewers (people 2-plus), becoming the most-viewed Sunday Night Baseball telecast ever (ranking ahead of Yankees/Red Sox, July 25, 2004 – 3,862,000 households and 5,258,000 viewers).

The game was the most-viewed regular-season Major League Baseball telecast since Cardinals/Cubs – when Mark McGwire hit his 61st home run – September 7, 1998 (7,104,000 households). Additionally, the telecast ranked fifth in households and viewers among regular-season telecasts since ESPN began airing Major League Baseball games in 1990 (1,544 telecasts).

For those of you wanting to do some more in-depth scouting for this weekend’s NFL draft: In you have Comcast On Demand, there are profiles of more than 50 leading draft prospects featured. These profiles incorporate footage of the NFL Combine as well as Senior Bowl clips and collegiate highlights, and are available in the NFL Network section of the Sports & Fitness On Demand category.

Monday night I was a guest on the Lowell Sun Sports Talk Live program. The show airs each Monday night and is an hour long. I was on for the entire hour, and hosts Teddy Panos and Barry Scanlon and I discussed sports media, past, present and future.

You can check out this week’s show on the Sports Talk Live web page, the link to the audio is in the upper left hand corner of the page.

I don’t think we’re going to read about this in the Globe.

Bill Simmons says that the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight will be the last Big Fight, period.

Tom Casale has another edition of the Ask PFW mailbag.

Patriots Football Weekly also has an Official Blog with focus this week on the draft.

Eric McHugh has a look at where the Patriots stand defensively and whom they might target in the draft.

Mike Reiss lists out the top draft day deals for the Patriots.

Gary Fitz has the media looking to stir some things up prior to last night’s Red Sox game.

Sarah Green isn’t ready for another round of Red Sox/Yankees, but it’s coming this weekend regardless.


7:00pm, NESN – Red Sox @ Orioles
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