I never like the off day after opening day. It makes the wait to the second game seem like forever, especially when the home team loses the first game in an ugly fashion and sports radio spends the next 48 hours rehashing the miscues and performances and making snap judgments on the team that still has 161 games to play.

Some people have asked if there is a reason why there is an off day after opening day. Is it just to give the players a rest after playing their first “real” game after a month of warm weather exhibitions?

The explanation that I have heard that contains the most sense is that the off day is scheduled so that if opening day gets rained (or snowed) out, fans who purchased tickets specifically for opening day still have a chance to see opening day the next day, rather than having the game rescheduled for say, August.

Hope that answers the question at least a little bit. It was the only thing I’ve seen that really makes sense.

Adam Schein has more in his blog on FoxSports.com on Bill Belichick and his companion at the NCAA title game Monday night. He has an acquaintance of the woman talking about the speculation about Belichick and a woman in New Jersey:

“First of all, Linda Holliday is from Florida,” said the acquaintance, who also knows Belichick. “She and Bill Belichick have been dating for a little while. Unfortunately, now if people see him somewhere with a woman they automatically want to assume the worst, like something inappropriate must be going on. That’s what happens with gossip. Knowing the full New Jersey story, it’s unbelievable how that came out and pretty sad how his reputation was attacked. Bottom line, Belichick has been divorced for some time and he’s dated a little since then like a lot of single men do. They’re having a good time.”

I might be accused of hammering this topic, but we were getting breathless daily updates for a while there about the whole NJ thing, and “real” media types were latching onto it all as if it were gospel truth, making snide references to it in their columns and articles and spreading it all over the place. I think the other side needs to get a little exposure as well. The erroneous viewpoints need a counterpoint.

The opening line of Bill Ballou’s notebook this morning:

Tim Wakefield is the only current Red Sox player who was alive when Rico Petrocelli caught Rich Rollins’ looper to shortstop on Oct. 1, 1967.

Curt Schilling was born on 11/14/66. Mike Timlin on 03/10/66.

Gordon Edes does double-duty today with both a Boston.com chat and a Ask Edes Mailbag.

Did you think Dan Shaughnessy’s swipe at Arsenio Hall in yesterday’s column was a little odd? Well, it turns out Hall has been a frequent target of Dan’s, for reasons unknown. Jason Feifer in his blog outlines the other times Shaughnessy has brought up Arsenio.

Speaking of Shaughnessy, he was also a target of FireJoeMorgan again. If that crew is planning on making Shaughnessy a regular target, I’m cool with that. (Although I don’t care for the line at the end.)

Red Sox wines? Yup. What’s next?

The Masters starts tomorrow, and once again Masters.org will have extensive coverage which will include direct links to live video coverage of “Amen Corner Live” and Masters Extra, one hour of online-exclusive play-by-play Thursday through Sunday, ESPN.com video highlights, complete news and information coverage, and contributions from Golf Digest and Golf World.

Michael Hiestand has a look at Jim Nantz Remembers Augusta: The 1960 Masters. The show marks the first time any sports event that aired live in black and white has been colorized.

Bill Simmons is looking forward to tonight’s epic Celtics/Bucks showdown.

Bill Simmons yesterday said Greg Oden locked up the top spot in the draft with his performance on Monday night. He also says that Corey Brewer took a giant leap forward too.

In that entry, Simmons also mentions the offensive comment from Billy Packer last week, which is examined further by Deadspin.com today. Here are the comments by Packer as shown on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

Glenn Ordway has made this his call to action for today. It quickly broke down into a political discussion about PBS and “special interest groups”. GREAT radio. Couple that with the extensive Iraq talk this morning, and you have good stuff for “Red Sox Wednesday.”


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