More picking on the flash guys…

I heard it reported this morning – with the required twinge of urgency – that Asante Samuel did NOT report to the Patriots first day of their off season conditioning program. It was made to sound like there was a mini-holdout going on.

The problem with this is that Samuel has trained in Florida during the offseason in the past. The other problem is that while the Patriots have placed the franchise tag on Samuel, he is, as of this moment, still a free agent. He is not the property of the Patriots, as he has not signed the one year franchise deal. Why then, would he be a participant in the team’s conditioning program at this point?

It’s another example of trying to make a story out of nothing, which so many of them do.
Speaking of the offseason workout programs:

Pete Prisco on March 6th:

Don’t look for Patriots defensive end Richard Seymour to take part in the team’s offseason workouts. Seymour said he has three kids and another on the way and prefers to be with them in South Carolina. “I need to do what’s best for my family,” Seymour said. If Bill Belichick has a problem with that, what can he do? Cut him? Please, he’s their best defensive player.

Mike Reiss today:

Defensive lineman Richard Seymour, who is coming off his fifth straight Pro Bowl appearance, was present this morning at Gillette Stadium for the team’s offseason program.

Seymour’s presence is notable based on a previous media report that indicated he would not take part in the program.

Reiss 1, Prisco 0.
Even the reporters are tired of spring training. Granted, yesterday was a rare off day during spring training, but there were only six…count’em…six stories on the Red Sox in all of the local morning papers. We’re pretty much at the point where all the stories have been written. Even the annual boilerplate stories that we see every spring.


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