First, a check in on the sports radio topics of the day:

Pete Prisco was an embarrassment on Dennis & Callahan this morning, as the CBS Sportsline columnist did what he does best – pull stuff out of the air. Its not even worth rehashing the stuff that this guy just throws out there after hearing some second hand information.

Carl Yastrzemski, Josh Beckett and Julio Lugo were among those appearing on the Dale & Holley show this morning from Ft Myers, Florida.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Pete Sheppard hosting the Big Show is a good thing. He generally avoids the foolish “stoooorylines” and nonsense that the show usually focuses on and keeps the discussion on sports. Pete isn’t the most knowledgeable NCAA expert I’ve listened to, but he knows more than anyone else on that show, and his discussions the last couple of days on the tournament, the Patriots free agent signings and Red Sox spring training have been a nice changeup. It used to be that when Glenn Ordway went on vacation we’d be subjected to rotating guests hosts such as Craig Mustard, Butch Stearns or Mike Adams. Sheppard has grown into the backup host role. He’s not perfect by any means, but the Big Show is more sports talk oriented when Sheppard is in the big chair.


The Inside Track told us this morning that the NJ divorce case was very close to being settled and that Bill Belichick won’t be taking the stand. Big deal. You that read here three weeks ago. The track didn’t need to rehash all the old information from the case while slipping in the line that nothing is going to happen.


Leonard Shapiro of the Washington Post looks at the Ron Borges case and the “questionable journalistic practice” around the country of writers using “notes networks” to generate columns.


Tom Casale has a Ask PFW Mailbag on

Lenny Megliola had a nice piece this morning on how the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional high school girls basketball team is lifting the spirits of a school still reeling from an in-school murder last month.

Deadspin’s Boston College/Texas Tech NCAA post.

Clark Judge lists the Patriots as one of the winners of free agency thus far.

Bill Chuang asks if the Patriots are the new evil empire.

Filip Bondy reveals what kinds of reader emails he hates the most.


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7:30pm, ESPN – NCAA Play-In – Florida A&M/Niagara
7:30pm, Versus – Sabres @ Flyers
8:30pm, FSN – Celtics @ Bulls
9:30pm, ESPN – NIT – UMass/Alabama
10:30pm, Versus – Blackhawks @ Sharks