Dear Bruce,

I want to thank you and all of Alan’s dear friends and colleagues for their beautiful tributes to my amazing husband. My children and I are devastated by the loss of Alan and we truly lost a treasure.

As I struggle to maintain strength for my children I am at a loss at how I will make sure they know and remember their father. This has been a tragedy for our family that I pray we can recover from. One of Alan’s proudest moment was to happen this Saturday when our son Alex was to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah.

Everything that has been written about Alan is true and I hope his friends know how much they meant to him. He enjoyed every moment he spent with them and they were at tremendous source of happiness in his life. I also want to thank Stacey James and the Patriots for their help and kind words. I know Alan would appreciate it. One thing about Alan, he was tough and he said it like it is but he was always respectful and always commanded respect. I think what Bill Belichick said about him is testimony to that.

With Alan what you saw is what you got. But what many didn’t see was the absolute love and adoration he had for his children. He would often say he worshiped them and he did. I ache for my children and this wonderful father they have lost.

I want to also thank his great friends at Fox Sports Net. The video tribute they did to Alan is something the children and I will treasure forever. When we are alone at home late at night, the four of us get on the couch for daddy time. Through many, many tears we have watched that video over and over again just so we can see his wonderful smile and listen to his voice. I will treasure the video as I know my children will. Thank you for giving us this piece of Alan.

Please keep us in your prayers. I will do my best to honor my husband and make sure my children grow up knowing what an amazing father they had. He was taken from us much too soon.


Anne-Marie Greenberg