The Alan Greenberg memories and tributes continue to pour in, the latest batch, from last night and early this morning, is in the post below this one. Scroll down to go through the thoughts from writers both locally and from around the country.


Jessica Heslam of the Herald has another questionable recent column from Ron Borges. The Globe say it is not plagiarism, decide for yourself.

Cold Hard Football Facts has a look at the journalism student who first noticed the original Borges plagiarism.


The Celtics came back to earth last night as their four game winning streak was snapped at the Garden at the hands of the Houston Rockets – fitting, as the Rockets were the team that launched Boston’s modest streak of success.

Peter May says that the white flags were raised early in this one. Steve Bulpett says that this a “rendezvous with reality”for the Celtics. Scott Souza notes that Gerald Green once again had a rough night against his hometown team.

Tony Massarotti says that Al Jefferson has certainly been a bright light in this very dark season. Bill Doyle says that Celtics fans have to very happy right now that Danny Ainge didn’t ship Jefferson off in a deal for Allen Iverson three months ago. Mike Fine says that Jefferson’s improvement is there for us all to see everyday. Mike Martin tries to do a notes column the right way on a new edition of the BSMW Full Court Press.

May’s notebook says that things are bad when the trainer has to call off practice for the next day, which is what happened after the game last night. Bulpett’s notebook says that Jefferson is setting himself up for a nice payday at the end of the season when he is eligible to have his contact extended. Doyle’s notebook has a look at the game last night, which ended the Celtics four game winning streak. Souza’s notebook has Ryan Gomes adjusting to the role of a sixth man.

Red Sox

Bob Ryan has Tim Wakefield planning on being around for some time to come. John Tomase has Jonathan Papelbon wanting people to get used to viewing him as a starter. Jeff Goldberg also looks at Papelbon and the wishes of those who would like to see him in the bullpen. Sean McAdam says that Mike Timlin is likely to fill the closer role to start the season. Jon Couture examines the bullpen struggles yesterday.

Gordon Edes has Terry Francona comparing Dice-K mania to the time he managed Michael Jordan in the minors. Steve Buckley has Matsuzaka already winning mind games with opponents.

Buckley has a look at Kyle Snyder hoping to impress the Sox and scouts with his performance this spring. Tomase has a look at Curt Schilling’s latest online endeavor, the 38pitches blog.

Edes’ notebook has a look at Ed Rogers, who hit the game winning grand slam yesterday. Tomase’s notebook has Brendan Donnelly talking about an exchange he had with Pokey Reese in 2004 when the latter was with the Red Sox. McAdam’s notebook has a look at a strong outing for Papelbon. Couture’s notebook has more on the 50 pitch outing from Papelbon.


Wes Welker talked with the media yesterday for the first time since the Patriots acquired him in a trade with the Dolphins.

Mike Reiss has Welker as a “Rudy-like” story of overcoming big odds. Michael Felger says Welker will fit well in the slot for the Patriots. Shalise Manza Young has Welker feeling that deep down, New England was always the place for him. Shawn Courchesne has Welker thrilled to be a part of a team he always looked at with envy. Michael Parente has Welker liking the fact that he is now on this side of things. Christopher Price says Welker no longer has to wonder what it would be like to play for the Patriots.