We’re well on our way to all Daisuke, all the time. On the web, anyway.

The Globe and Herald blogs both provide step-by-step accounts of the Japanese ace arriving in camp and playing catch. It might be me, but they at least seem to have a sense of humor about it, with Jeff Horrigan referring to the items as “scintillating tidbits.”

Meanwhile, we’re still getting plenty of Celtics talk on the radio airwaves, while Butch Stearns announced on The Big Show on WEEI that if HE were Bill Belichick, HE’D be looking into the San Diego Chargers now open coaching position.


ESPN announced today that Dusty Baker and Fernando Viña are the newest Baseball Tonight analysts to be added to the network’s roster. While I wouldn’t want to lose Dennis Eckersley from the NESN telecasts, I just don’t get why he hasn’t gotten a chance with a national network.

ESPN also announced today the launch of a network of local ESPN-affiliate station Web sites that will integrate with ESPNRadio.com. These sites will provide more local content and news information integrated into each city’s location, as well as access to the ESPN Radio podcasts and streaming audio. ESPN Boston is not among the first round of cities, which includes New York City (AM 1050 WEPN ), Chicago (AM 1000 WMVP), Los Angeles (AM 710 KSPN), Dallas (FM 103.3 KESN) and Pittsburgh (AM 1250 WEAE). The Chicago site is the first one to launch and others will follow in the coming weeks.

It was a busy day for ESPN, as they also announced the purchase of the site Truehoop.com and the hiring of its author Henry Abbott as an ESPN.com employee. Abbott will continue to run True Hoop while also contributing to ESPN’s NBA coverage on the web.


FOX Sports announced their MLB broadcast schedule this season and the Red Sox once again appear the maximum nine times. The dates:

  • April 14th Angels @ Red Sox
  • April 21st Yankees @ Red Sox
  • April 28th Red Sox @ Yankees
  • May 26th Red Sox @ Rangers
  • June 2nd Yankees @ Red Sox
  • June 16th Giants @ Red Sox
  • July 21st White Sox @ Red Sox
  • August 25th Red Sox @ White Sox
  • September 15th Yankees @ Red Sox


Amy K Nelson has a feature on Red Sox pitcher Devern Hansack and his journey from Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua to a chance at the closer role in Boston.

Michael Gee feels that the Japanese media covering Matsuzaka needs to be treated with respect, and not “burlesqued as members of some odd cult by Boston media needing a cheap laugh.”

Scott Allen reports on the opening statements of Charlie Weis’ malpractice suit against the Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital after his botched gastric bypass surgery in 2002.

Gregg Easterbrook looks at another season of bad predictions in his Tuesday Morning Quarterback column.

Mike Reiss looks at the cornerbacks set to hit the free agent market.

Albert Breer analyzes the Patriots running back position.

Neil Best looks at Verizon’s fiber optic FiOS TV service slowly spreading across the Northeast. He also has a bit on Tiki Barber officially starting his TV career with NBC.

TV38 (WSBK-TV) today announced that it has entered into a two-year, exclusive television rights agreement with The New England Revolution making TV38 the team’s only television broadcaster in the Boston market. The partnership is effective immediately.

TV38 will feature 22 Revs regular season games beginning with New England’s season opener at the Chicago Fire on Saturday, April 7 (8:30PM). Plus, TV38 will carry the Revolution’s only game against the Los Angeles Galaxy this season after the arrival of the Galaxy’s international superstar midfielder, David Beckham, on Sunday, August 12 (7:00PM).


It’s easy to forget, but 1510 the Zone is still on the air. One of the weeknight shows is The Lew and Mike Show, which airs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-10pm. The show has been on the air since May, and “has been dedicated to primarily 4 subjects….football, baseball, basketball, and any comments and/or criticisms regarding the Boston or national sports media.” The hosts note the frustration with national and local media and they promote their show as a “a platform to discuss those frustrations for us and the listeners/callers.” They’re not afraid to take shots at other radio shows on the air.


7:00pm, NESN – Oilers @ Bruins (HD)
7:00pm, ESPN – Kentucky @ Tennessee (HD)
9:00pm, Versus – Ducks @ Avalanche
9:00pm, ESPN – Michigan @ Michigan St. (HD)