The Globe has a little egg on their face today after running the story this morning that Theo Epstein got married at a Nathan’s Hot Dog stand.

From (Website of WVCB Channel 5)

The Boston Globe had reported in Wednesday editions that Epstein's father, Leslie Epstein, confirmed his son married Marie Whitney in New York at the original Nathan's Famous hot dog stand, built in 1916.

However, the Globe later posted a correction on its Web site to say the wedding did not take place at Coney Island. It did not give any other details.

"Leslie Epstein meant it as a joke and we took it as being straightforward," said Globe Sports Editor Joe Sullivan.

To the paper’s credit, they made the correction in the on-line article, and noted the correction at the bottom of the page – something I haven’t seen them do before.

Gordon Edes – who wrote the original story, has a follow up on the Extra Bases blog where he says the “the tone of sincerity masked the gag.”


Adrian Wojnarowski goes hard after Danny Ainge and the Celtics:

Three years ago this week, Jim O'Brien quit as the Boston Celtics' head coach. He was tired of watching Ainge disassemble a playoff team, replacing them with suspect young players and misfit parts. The Celtics president himself said that maybe the resignation was for the best because O'Brien and his staff "came in with a design to win every single basketball game."

The nerve, huh?

Amazingly, O'Brien didn't want to give minutes to the Celtics' genius No. 1 draft pick point guard, Marcus Banks. For some reason, O'Brien wasn't sold. And as Ainge himself said, maybe it was best to drop into the draft lottery than make the playoffs. After all, Dwight Howard was waiting there.


I just got around to reading the Mike Reiss column on Bill Belichick from Saturday.

Belichick talks about his situation, how the Krafts have been so supportive, that he likes his staff, his players, and he likes the challenge of short offseasons (because of longer playoff runs). He then says:

"When you have those things, it's hard not to feel good about what you're doing, and it's not hard to keep doing it. I love football and I love the area. The players, the organization, the support we get. I have a great relationship with the two [people] most important to me, Mr. Kraft and [vice president of player personnel] Scott Pioli. I think all the way around, all three of us have a good relationship with each other, very workable, respectfully and complementary. It starts there."

If you’re a Patriots fan, you’ve got to be encouraged by this. The media – nationally mostly, but Felger and Borges as well – has had a field day in recent weeks trying to attach Belichick’s name to future job openings with the Giants, and even the Texans. There has been speculation that the Krafts were uncomfortable with some of the headlines that have been generated around the coach and this could shorten his stay here. Some said that the Giants were Belichick’s “dream job” based seemingly on nothing more than the fact that he had served as the defensive coordinator there during the 1980’s.

I would like to think that the statements in this article would put an end to the speculation, at least for now, but we all know better. Since the contract details are not known for sure, the media will justify their continued rampant speculation on the future of the most successful coach in franchise history. But at least fans can take some comfort in the fact that the coach doesn’t appear to be in a rush to go anywhere.


Bill Simmons reports from Radio Row at the Super Bowl.

Joe Sportsfan has their Super Bowl week edition of The Media Circus

The New York Times Co. said today that it has wrote down the value of the Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram & Gazette by $814 million.

Adam Kennedy of the Phoenix weighs in on the announcement.



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