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A common Dan Shaughnessy tag line in email responses to critics is “I’m sure you’re at the top of your profession.”

Well, apparently some feel that Shaughnessy is at the top of his profession:

From Jeanette DeForge in yesterday’s edition of The Republican:

HOLYOKE – A sportswriter who has authored 11 books will lead this year’s St. Patrick’s Parade as its top award winner.

The parade committee yesterday announced Dan Shaughnessy, a columnist and associate editor of the Boston Globe, is this year’s recipient of the John F. Kennedy Award. The honor is given to someone of Irish descent who has distinguished himself or herself in their profession.

Someone needs to talk to that committee.


The Bruins were the main topic of conversation on WEEI today, with Dale Arnold and Michael Holley giving the struggles of the team plenty of air time on their show, and Arnold suggesting a few times that a trade could be made as soon as today.

On the Big Show, Pete Sheppard filled in for a sick Glenn Ordway, and picked up on the hockey talk, going into one of his patented screaming Bruins rants that he unleashes once or twice a season.

Also on the Big Show, Steve Buckley and Paul Perillo took turns tweaking Sheppard on the Patriots. Perillo also seemed to paint with a very broad brush when in came to Patriots fan, lumping them in such statements as “Patriots fans think that this is the only place where players can come to and win” and that “Patriots fans” thought that the loss of Edgerrin James was really going to hurt the Colts because they can’t accept that it was the system and Peyton Manning that made James so good.

It seems to be common practice now for the co-hosts to go after Sheppard on the Patriots whenever Ordway isn’t around. Sometimes it’s amusing. Most times not.


Cold Hard Football Facts wonders if it is a coincidence that Ron Borges wrote a story on the 50’s Cleveland Browns when they had done a number of such articles.

Mike Reiss has former Patriot Dan Klecko basking over playing in another Super Bowl while his former team is home. Klecko feels that if he was used at one position, he would’ve had a better chance at sticking in New England. Page2 has ranked the 80 Super Bowl teams prior to this season.

The 2006-07 season has been a rough one for the Celtics. How was the 1996-97 season? How about the 1986-87 season? The 1976-77 season? I take a quick look back in time on the FSN Nothing But Net blog.

Tom Verducci looks at why the Red Sox don’t need a top closer to compete in 2007.


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8:00pm, Versus – Nashville @ Colorado (HD on INHD)
9:00pm, ESPN – Michigan St. @ Illinois (HD)