Since I’m away today there isn’t the usual Friday afternoon update, but I put together a few emails I received this week that I felt were worthy of note, and am posting them here.

This one is from Sean:

I didn’t see the link for that bully-chick article from the post that was referenced in Eric McHugh’s article today. It was the number two link so I figure people that cared enough looked it up on their own like me, but I thought it’d be worth posting. Thoroughly entertaining from a “what an ass this guy is” point of view.

I get the non Pats fan’s perspective of yearning for a different winner every year. Its hard to blame them. The stories about no I in team or their smart business sense and winning despite injuries have been beaten into the ground. Yeah its old, but who’s fault is that? Its not the Patriots’ or BB’s job to do anything but play football.

As a New England fan and a proponent of legitimate sports media, I believe this gives us a whole new reason to root on a patriots dynasty. The idea that national media types would openly bash a man not based on his football knowledge but out of personal spite is disgraceful. it is true however. they were winning so no one said anything. They would look foolish. Now they lose and its like a moral victory for the media members whose lives Belichick has made slightly more difficult over the years. For shame.

The Rise of Bill Bully-Chick

But thats my rant. Keep up the good work.

I had seen that column before, and should’ve brought it here. That column was written BEFORE Belichick supposedly snubbed Peyton Manning after embracing Tony Dungy warmly following the game on Sunday. The media is having a field day with the whole Belichick thing and has been sharpening their knives for just this time.

This next one comes from Aaron, regarding the hypocrisy of Mike Felger.

I have a question after listening to Felger’s show to and from the library.

Is Felger aware that the NFL has a salary cap?

My god, you are so right, listening to the complaints, you would never believe the team went 12-4 and ended up in the AFC Championship game. He’s talking about the Pats should have drafted a big name LB, throwing around the names Julian Peterson and Will Witherspoon. There wasn’t that kind of money, let alone the kind of money to sign one of those guys, and have better wide receivers, and do the other thing Felger always said they should do, which is give $3 million to Adam Vinatieri. (Did this team come close to losing a game because of Gostkowski? Nope.)

Hey, there’s no room from reason when it comes to these guys…

This one came in on Tuesday:

Bruce- I’m not sure if you’re listening to WEEI right now, but Pete Sheppard just described Borges’ column from today’s Globe as being “in his drawer from about 10 years ago”. I had to laugh because I remembered what you’d written in today’s post. You can’t tell me Pete was creative enough to come up with this reference on his own. It just goes to show that as much as these guys belittle the work you do, they’re visiting every single day…


Yup, I heard that. It’s funny how many times stuff like that actually does happen. I really don’t think it is coincidence. Do you?

This one is also from Tuesday:

Not saying Buckley’s column was the best ever or anything…but seemed like you kind of overstated it’s badness…it was just a “Great game, no goats” type wrapup…I didn’t get the Buckner reference as being the whole linchpin of the argument…

I have no problem with your opinion, but I guess if you’re going out of your way to say it was a disgrace and horrid, then when you use that statement again on a column that actually deserves it (and there will be sooo many more) then it loses it’s impact. This was just mediocre (and basically pro-Pats if that matters to you), so it didn’t deserve in my mind such vitriol…the problem with the internet (which you rarely do) is it encourages extreme statements that lose their power when you want to use them again. But…if you really thought all of that, then I guess it was deserved!

As always, the site is great. Good work…

I agree here. I think Buckley had the bad luck of being the column that I read directly after Borges’ and he knocked a bit harder than perhaps he should have been. I didn’t like the column, but it wasn’t as “horrid, horrid” as I described it. Truth be told, I was probably too hard on Felger this morning too, but the guy has just disappointed me so much this year. Hanging out with Borges has muddied his rep too, something about being judged by the company you keep…

Here’s one that follows up some more on the Felger “F-” report card grade this morning:

In my opinion, he hasn’t changed but two significant circumstances have changed:

1. He is being honest. Not that he wasn’t honest before but it just happened that he agreed for the most part with everything the Pats were doing. Now that he doesn’t agree with everything they are doing, he comes across as negative.

2. More exposure. He is on TV all the time and on the radio everyday so we have more opportunities to criticize. Think of Tiger Woods….when he plays, you see every single shot he takes over the course of a round. If he shoots a 70, we probably see 68 of those shots. We also see every time he slams a club, every time he curses, every time he misses a short putt, etc. You then hear more criticism of him for those things when every other golfer hits double the amount of bad shots, maybe slams the club twice as much and misses a heck of a lot more short putts. When we only read Felger in the Herald or heard him a couple of times per month on WEEI, we formed a certain opinion of him. Now that we see “68 out of 70 of Felger’s golf shots”, we are judging him likewise. Not that he isn’t responsible for representing himself given the multiple media opportunities that he has been offered…it is just that we are not always fair in our comparison of him to other less profile media members. Just a thought….

Those are some very valid points.