Michael Silverman reports that the Red Sox are set to officially announce the J.D. Drew deal in the next day or so.


While there was still talk about Belichick’s manners on the air today, there was a lot more Celtics talk. Which is totally a mixed blessing. On one hand, it’s a break from the negative Patriots talk. On the other hand, the Celtics are headed to the draft lottery and there isn’t much positive you can say about them.

Do we think that any of the WEEI hosts, with the possible exception of Michael Holley, know anything about Greg Oden or Kevin Durant? Larry Johnson spent part of the weekend calling him Ogden. Can these guys talk about their games with any sort of knowledge? No.

The callers were all over the place today. As much as I get on the hosts, the callers to the station are just as bad. A sampling:

  • One suggested that the Patriots sign Drew Bledsoe as a backup to Tom Brady
  • One called Danny Ainge the Matt Millen of the NFL, while another said Ainge had put together an “excellent team” this year.
  • One inquired about the availability of J.J. Redick, thinking that he could be the answer to the Celtics problems.
  • Still another suggested that bringing back Antoine Walker was the answer.

Most knowledgeable sports fans in the country…


Adam Schefter has a piece on how 2008 could be a huge year for free agent coaches, and tosses in this tidbit in the middle of his article:

And maybe, most interesting, multiple sources around the league believe that Belichick’s contract, which does have three years remaining on it, is filled with mutual options that could allow him or the team to nullify the deal as early as next year.


If you’ve been watching the “America’s Game” series on NFL Network, the 2004 Patriots will be featured as the number 9 team in the countdown.

Gordon Edes has a look at the Red Sox national TV appearances next season.

A writer from Cleveland of all places, writes a pretty positive article on Belichick.

Michael Gee reflects on the great Paul Brown and makes a connection to Bill Belichick.

Deadspin.com welcomes us to Negro Bowl I.

Eric Wilbur weighs in on MLB’s decision to award DirecTV exclusive rights to the Extra Innings package.


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