Breaking: The Dallas Morning News reports that Bill Parcells has retired. has a statement from Parcells.

The morning after a season ending playoff loss, the person I really want to hear when I turn on my sports radio station is Lenny Clarke! Boy that guy is a riot!

Now that I think about it, Dan Marino flipping picks and going over to the Patriots side in the CBS pregame was the kiss of death.

Or was it Boomer donning the Belichick hoodie that did it?

No, the Colts simply got the job done. Give them the credit for bouncing back from a 21-3 deficit, and not folding as previous editions of the Colts might’ve done.

Some coverage notes from this morning thus far:

If you can get past the second paragraph shot at the “low cost wide receivers,” Ron Borges wrote a pretty strong column this morning, tipping his keyboard to the Patriots as “one of the gutsiest teams in NFL history.”

Overall, I’ve got to give the coverage nod to the Globe this morning, as the sons of Joe Sullivan (even he chipped in) outperformed the Herald by a wide margin. Looking through the Herald articles, there were none that I found particularly insightful or intriguing. The Globe also has the advantage of the videos of locker room interviews, which are certainly more complete than the little snippets you’ll see on TV. Some of these can give you a real sense of context for a quote that read in an article.

That being said, I can’t believe the Globe sent Bob Ryan to Chicago and left us with Dan Shaughnessy.

Michael Gee chips in on Sullivan writing an on-deadline story while at the same time managing the sports page. He believes this is another sign of the NY Times “baleful” influence on the Globe.

Bill Reynolds tells us that this loss didn’t dim the legacy of these Patriots.

Peter King is giddy that Peyton Manning is heading for the Super Bowl in his Monday Morning Quarterback.

Don Banks says this was the greatest game he’s covered.

Was it the best game ever? Michael Rosenberg on examines the historical significance of the game.

Pete Prisco looks at Manning getting his vindication. Vic Carucci has more on Manning.

Cold Hard Football Facts looks at Peyton Manning finally winning a big one.


Glenn Ordway, Right Again. From this space last Thursday:

Overheard on the Big Show today:

Ordway: Dallas Clark scares me more than (Marvin) Harrison

Clark – 6 catches, 137 yards.

Harrison – 4 catches, 41 yards.

I hate it when that happens.


Both Tom Brady and Michael Holley (who is collaborating with Bruschi on a book.) both mentioned on WEEI this morning that they think that Tedy Bruschi will be back next season, and that his comments last night about taking things year by year were actually nothing new for the Patriots linebacker, who has taken that approach the last few years.


It seems to be the general consensus in the media that Asante Samuel played his last game in a Patriots uniform last night. That might well be the case. However, his agent Alonzo Shavers is no Jason Chayut, and is considered to be reasonable and pretty easy to work with. I wouldn’t be shocked if Samuel leaves, but at the same time, I think there’s more of a chance that he’s back next season than most seem to believe.


The CBS broadcast was decent, but lacking in several updates. They didn’t really catch on to how and why Eric Alexander was being used game. They didn’t make mention of the fact that Corey Dillon and Kevin Faulk didn’t really see the field much in the second half. In most formations requiring a running back, Laurence Maroney and Heath Evans were used. We had no clue if the former pair were injured or what the deal was.