Daisuke Matsuzaka is still the dominant topic on sports radio today.

While most pundits felt sure that since the brilliant Scott Boras is a genius, he had the upper hand on the Red Sox in these negotiations (as evidenced by this “cartoon“) it turned out that the Red Sox seemed to have come out just fine in the end.

Dennis & Callahan did a turnabout this morning, saying that Larry Lucchino must’ve taken control of these negotiations and taught Boras a thing or two. There were stories and speculation that Lucchino had made an arrangement with the Seibu Lions that he could tell Boras and Matsuzaka that if they didn’t agree to a deal that the Lions would send Matsuzaka to the minors, where he would lose service time and that they would not post him next year.

That’s the great thing about sports radio, what you say today is forgotten tomorrow.


The crossover between Dale & Holley and the Big Show was marked by a confrontation between Steve Burton and Dale Arnold. Apparently this had to be done on air and not in private. In any event the anger seemed to be real with Burton upset that Dale had been critical of him for reporting that Phil Kessel had testicular cancer when the family had reportedly asked that the matter be kept private.

Burton kept saying it was his job to report the news. When asked he said he would’ve understood if someone had been reporting that his dad was dying of cancer even though he asked them not to.

What I think Burton is missing here is this: Perhaps he had the “right” to report the news, even against the wishes of the family. But it doesn’t mean he had an “obligation” to do so or that he’s less of a jerk if he did it against the wishes of the family. He seemed to imply that even though the family publicly stated that they wanted privacy, that “maybe” they gave him the ok to report the story so that it would clear up any misconceptions out there. Dale tried to press him on it, but Burton wouldn’t confirm.

Neither guy covered himself in glory in this episode which was just another example of the media making themselves the story – something that WEEI does all the time. More time was spent on Gerry Callahan’s conduct in his interview with Julio Lugo than on what Lugo said or his press conference.


David Scott is going to be doing a live blog of the Matsuzaka press conference and coverage. Sounds like the event has the potential to be a full fledged circus.


Nothing new on the Allen Iverson front. The latest rumors have the Nuggets (who are in town here tomorrow night) as the latest favorites. Of course that is after the Magic, Pacers, Clippers, Celtics, Warriors and Trail Blazers had all been rumored to have been favorites at one point or another in the past few days.