A day of huge speculation, but so far, no moves by the locals. The Celtics are still said to be in the running for an Allen Iverson deal, but news has been scarce on that front today. The brain trust of the Red Sox are out west talking to Scott Boras, trying to get a deal done for Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka.

These stories could break at any moment so as the night moves on, you can keep track of multiple news sources on the Red Sox News Mashup and the Celtics News Mashup.

There have been a lot of statements made about the Matsuzaka negotiations by various members of the media. Some of them seem to be direct contradictions, while others are generalizations which may or may not be true.

Statement: Matsuzaka needs to sign because he can’t go back to Japan and lose face.

Statement: Scott Boras is brilliant and a genius.

Statement: Scott Boras has overplayed this one and has no grasp on the Japanese culture.

Statement: Matsuzaka and Boras don’t have any leverage.

Statement: The Red Sox need to get a deal done or face a public relations disaster.

Statement: Boras’ endgame is to use Matsuzaka to change the system, a la Andy Messersmith.

So which ones are the truth? We’ll apparently find out sometime in the next 24 hours….

Seth Mnookin muses on why these soap operas seem to happen to the Red Sox year after year.


It’s always great when Dennis and Callahan mock the sensitivity training that they had to undergo a couple of years ago after the METCO incident. They brought up the subject of sensitivity training a couple times this morning, each time to a good giggle. Here’s an example as they came in from the 9:00 AM break at about 9:15:

They had been talking quite a bit all morning about how more and more people are saying that you’re not supposed to say “Merry Christmas” They then played the Lobel clip – “You can’t say that!” Dennis was in the middle of introducing a contest that the station is running and this was the exchange:

Dennis: It’s our show – we can say what we want…mostly…with great prizes, be the 8th caller right now in this Christmas season..

Callahan: (sounds like) With limits…

Dennis: At 617…we’ve gone to training, we know what we can say.

Callahan: Oh that’s right..we’ve been trained.

That last word was spoken and stressed as only Callahan can do so.


The Big Show took a little break from the Matsuzaka and Iverson talk to talk about Steve Burton breaking the Phil Kessel story last night, leading off the 11:00 PM news, apparently against the wishes of the family. Dale Arnold had a bit of a problem with Burton going on the air with the news, while Glenn Ordway stressed that it is Burton’s job to report on stuff like this. He said it didn’t bother him at all that Burton reported it, and said that it actually clarified the incident because people on the internet were saying it was a drug or alcohol issue and this helped stop those rumors.

I see both sides of this argument. Burton is a reporter…his job is to find information and report it to the public. However, if the family wanted to keep this information private, some consideration should be given to that. I’m leaning towards the thought that this is the sports department…not the the news room and that in a case like this, perhaps the family should be in control of the information and when it is to be released to the public. I wonder if Burton didn’t want his father’s medical condition to be common knowledge and talked about publicly…


John Buccigross on ESPN.com looks at a new book that tries to address the debate of who who was the greatest NHL player of all time, Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzky.

Adrian Wojnarowski has a look at the unusual situation of Kentucky center Randolph Morris Apparently because of some unusual circumstances in his past, (he applied for the draft as a freshman, but wasn’t drafted) even though he is playing for the Wildcats, he is also an NBA free agent and could potentially be signed at any time. (Note to Danny Ainge: This is exactly the kind of move that Red would’ve been all over.)


From the email inbox this afternoon:

Did you notice Mark Murphy’s column Sunday? Three times he referred to Damon Stoudamire as Damon Stoudemire, which is how Amare Stoudemire spells his last name. This may seem trivial, but it happens too many times with this guy and it is too obvious of a mistake to make for somebody who is supposed to be in tune with the NBA.