David Scott notes that things seem to be heading to a conclusion this week in completing the Red Sox Radio Team for WRKO next season. Glenn Geffner, the odds-on favorite to replace Jerry Trupiano in the booth next to Joe Castiglione may no longer be such a shoo-in for the spot. It’s rumored he may have priced himself out of the slot and that Steve Lyons could be rising as a possibility.

Shots reports that it’s also possible the position held by Trupiano could also be split between two people.

A few other items from the afternoon:

  • Headline on Boston.com today: False alarm: Borges manuscripts found. Sorry guys, it’s not RON Borges…
  • The sports blog Get Untracked explains how the Red Sox broke the posting system between MLB and the Japanese Pacific League.
  • Jim Allen (no relation) expects the Matsuzaka signing to get done.
  • Joe Fitzgerald says Jim Rice deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.
  • If you’ve got surround sound on your home theatre and don’t want to listen to the Monday Night Football crew tonight, here’s a tip on How to Remove Annoying Announcers From Sports.

I’m about five years behind the curve on this one, but I’m going to try my first “live” blog tonight over on the FSN Nothing But Net blog as I’ll be watching the Celtics/Knicks matchup from Madison Square Garden starting at 7:30. This has the potential to be a trainwreck, so be sure to check it out.