Day Four of Manny talk continued today, along with discussion of this weekend’s TRAP GAME with the Detroit Lions. Mixed in was some talk about whether J.D. Drew is “tough enough” to play IN THIS TOWN.

* Bob Ryan’s little skirmish with Theo Epstein during yesterday’s conference call was another topic brought up many times today. Curt Schilling’s phone call to Dennis & Callahan was also rehashed a few times throughout the course of the day, with Tom E Curran knocking Schilling for coming on the air to knock Ryan. And so the circle turns…

* Looking back through the Celtics game stories from this morning, it’s amazing that none of them really focused too much on the play of the Nets’ rookie guard Hassan Adams. The Arizona product doubled his previous season highs in both points (16) and rebounds (8). In fact, coming into the game, Adams had only scored points in two of the Nets first 14 games. Yet, Adams changed the game, as his coach told the Newark Star-Ledger after the game. Watching last night from my seat in the Garden, I had to grab the free game program that I usually don’t look at and find out where he was from.

* What WEEI Hosts Are Obsessing About Today:

Gerry Callahan: Delonte West’s tattoos, especially on his neck.
John Dennis: Bryant Gumbel
Dale Arnold: Michael Strahan
Michael Holley: Manny doesn’t want to be here. Why do the fans love him?
Glenn Ordway: J.D. Drew – IN THIS TOWN
Tony Massarotti: Scott Boras would “shoot the hostage.”
Tom E Curran: Curt in the car

* The difference between Mike Reiss and the other bloggers in town comes down to Mike’s ability to get information down to the smallest detail. Check out this example today. Here’s a portion of an entry in The Point After:

– As a side note, P Ken Walter, for one reason or another, has a ton of candy in his locker. And I mean, a ton. Slim Jims, Tootsie Rolls, Junior Mints … everything.

And here’s a portion of Reiss’ Pieces today:

… P Ken Walter continued a tradition by stocking his locker with candy, which he first started doing in Carolina and brought to New England from 2001-2003. Walter recently explained that the tradition started in Carolina because his locker was located in an area that his teammates would walk by regularly, and it gave them a reason to stop by and build camaraderie.

Well, I guess we can give credit to the Herald guys for telling us what kind of candy was in the locker…

* Checking out the new edition of Patriots Football Weekly, there’s a nice article from Erik Scalavino on the broadcasting team of Gil Santos and Gino Cappelletti. The piece looks at the background of the duo, how they came into the business and how much they both enjoy working together. In fact, both state that it is their wish that when the time comes, they retire together.

* Bill Barnwell of BSMW Game Day has an interesting study today as he examines wide receivers and how the conference in which they play in college can actually help determine what kind of player they’re going to be in the NFL.

* If you’re one of the lucky few to have scored a Verizon FiOS TV/Internet connection, you’ll be soon be able to watch NFL games and programming from the NFL Network in an agreement announced today by the two sides. The programming will begin with next Thursday’s game between the Steelers and Browns.

* Lowell Spinners owner Joann Weber has died after a three-year battle with pancreatic cancer.