David Scott says that the Globe might be throwing stones in a glass house with their Bob Hohler series on minority hirings in college football.

One night after David Ortiz tied Jimmie Foxx in the Red Sox record books, he vaulted over him, hitting two home runs last night in a 6-0 Red Sox victory over the Minnesota Twins. Josh Beckett pitched eight shutout innings and Ortiz’s blasts put him at 52 for the season.

Gordon Edes reports on one last magical night at Fenway Park for Ortiz and the 2006 Red Sox. Michael Silverman has more on Ortiz warming things up in time for the arrival of fall. Steven Krasner looks at Ortiz standing alone in the Red Sox record book. Jeff Goldberg has more on a memorable night at Fenway. Bill Ballou notes that this will be as close to a playoff feeling as Fenway is going to have for at least a year.

Rob Bradford says that Ortiz might try to lure Torii Hunter to the Sox, should the Twins fail to pick up the centerfielder’s $12 million option for next season. Lenny Megliola wonders if Ortiz leads the league in curtain calls, in addition to home runs. Alex Speier writes that Ortiz is now the ‘baddest dude” in the Red Sox record books. Steve Buckley says that Ortiz is enjoying the record, but not as much as he would if the Sox were going to the playoffs. Later in the column, we’re treated to Buckley calling a piece in a New York paper “one of the dumbest stories of the year.” Irony, thy name is Buckley. He also has a short piece on the fans who caught the home runs last night.

Edes’ notebook looks at the Twins failing to capitalize on an opportunity to move into first place last night, ahead of the Tigers. Silverman’s notebook has Manny taking some batting practice yesterday. Krasner’s notebook looks at Beckett’s strong performance last night and wonders where that pitcher has been all season. Ballou’s notebook looks at the Twins making good use of their farm system, and also has a number of other noteworthy items.

Chad Finn offers up a number of Red Sox and Patriots related items.

The gang is back at the Patriots Game Day Roundtable, where the topics tossed around include Eugene Wilson, Tom Brady, the running game and predictions for the weekend.

Ron Borges has a tremendous article today on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and how he has applied lessons he learned from his father in the cutthroat world of politics.

Mike Reiss has a very nice piece on Troy Brown as he approaches Stanley Morgan’s team record for catches. John Tomase has a worthwhile read on Ty Warren, who has certain proved critics that were on his case coming out of college wrong. Joe McDonald says that the Patriots need to work on their tackling here in the early stages of the season. Alan Greenberg revisits the play that killed the season for the Patriots last year, and surprisingly Tom Brady doesn’t want to keep talking about it. Rich Garven has a look at Logan Mankins, who prefers to let his game do the talking, especially this week. Christopher Price says that getting pressure on Jake Plummer is going to be a key for the Patriots.

Tony Massarotti looks at the immense respect that Bill Belichick has for Mike Shanahan, and says that it’s probably due to the fact that the Broncos regularly beat the Patriots. Albert Breer has more on the coaching matchup and the mutual respect between the pair. Michael Parente also examines the matchup, and notes the many similarities between the two men. Breer also notes that facing the Broncos is old hat for Junior Seau. The Eagle Tribune has a story on Rosevelt Colvin as the Patriots linebacker aims for a complete, all around game in the Patriots scheme.

Nick Tavarez asserts that consistency is what the Patriots are seeking the most these days. The venerable Ron Hobson has a look at Tom Brady trying to change his luck against the Broncos. Michael Salfino looks at the return of the running back by committee, a topic which was explored in more depth yesterday by Bill Barnwell on the Patriots Game Day blog.

Reiss’ notebook has Rodney Harrison talking about how close he came to nearly signing with the Broncos. Tomase’s notebook has Belichick talking about his brief stay in Denver early in his coaching career. McDonald’s notebook has more on the Belichick/Shanahan matchup. Garven’s notebook looks at how the Patriots will attempt to offset the blitz of the Broncos. Parente’s notebook has the Patriots focusing on tackling.

Check back later for a weekend preview and national media column roundup.