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David Scott looks at Gatehouse Media, which included the Patriot Ledger, beginning a new program where they share their stories with CNC, which includes the Metro West Daily News. Scott also has a pile of other notes and observations from around the Boston sports media world.

On the Patriots Game Day page, the crew is gearing up for the Patriots /Jets game this Sunday with their weekly roundtable. Topics include Deion Branch (of course) as well as other potential upcoming defections, Brady’s relationship with his new receivers and some picks for the weekend.

Just one quick newspaper link this morning…Karen Guregian is the early leader in the clubhouse for ridiculous line of the week. In her story this morning on Doug Gabriel, she says the following:

Gabriel, however, will find out the infamous Black Hole may be a friendly place compared with callers on local sports talk radio. If he doesn’t pull in at least a half-dozen balls Sunday against the Jets, if he doesn’t make some kind of impact, Patriot Nation will be on his case.

That statement is silly on so many levels, I can’t even begin to discuss them all. How did 6 catches become the magic number, by the way? Why not 5?

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