Down to their final out, the Red Sox were on the verge of a really tough loss at Fenway Park last night that would’ve pushed them a game behind the Yankees. Instead, the Red Sox rallied for a pair of runs in the ninth, plated by Mark Loretta’s drive off the Green Monster to escape with a 6-5 win over the Indians. After a shaky first inning, Jon Lester settled down nicely and Manny Ramirez and Wily Mo Pena each homered in the game.

Jeff Horrigan reports on Mark Loretta giving David Ortiz a night off from his walk off heroics. Amalie Benjamin says that “until” is becoming “the sweet word most Red Sox faithful have learned to expect”, as in wait until they come back…Sean McAdam looks at the Sox saving the best for last one more time. David Heuschkel has more on the Red Sox seizing the opportunity against the Indians young closer. Lenny Megliola reports on another walkoff win for the Sox. Ron Chimelis has more on Loretta keeping the Sox close to the Yankees. David Borges and Phil O’Neill round out the game stories.

Bill Simmons decides to tackle to the issue of who was the greater clutch performer, Big Papi, or Larry Legend. Ortiz was player of the month for July, by the way.

Dan Shaughnessy steals a Peter May (and Don McLean) catchphrase as he wonders if July 31st will prove to be the day the music died for the Red Sox. No, I’m not kidding, he really does write that. The Red Sox didn’t make a move, they’ve got injuries, the Yankees are back in first…it’s all there. He wonders if “organizational arrogance” – something the Globe knows a little about – kept the Red Sox from making a deal. Tony Massarotti says that the good news for the Red Sox is that they have a couple weeks worth of cream puffs on the schedule coming up, and they need to kick the weaklings while they’re down.

McAdam has information that indicates that the Red Sox are trying to acquire catcher Javy Lopez from the Orioles. Michael Vega reports on Mark Loretta stealing a little of David Ortiz’s walk off magic. Horrigan has a quick report on Wily Mo Pena’s monster blast, which many are calling one of the hardest hit home runs in Fenway history. Massarotti has Jason Varitek staying positive…and involved

Julian Benbow looks at Sox newcomer Bryan Corey shaking off the home run he gave up in his first outing with the team. Massarotti reports that Matt Clement won’t be back anytime soon. If you’re curious, Horrigan says that the black bird from the other night appears to have been killed by a red hawk.

Zach Rocha reports on last night’s starter for Cleveland, Jeremy Sowers, who played two seasons in the Cape League. Benbow also looks at Indians closer Fausto Carmona coughing up the lead twice in three games against the Red Sox. Buddy Thomas says that the Twins are the team to beat in the AL. Guess he hasn’t heard about Francisco Liriano’s sore arm.

Probably the saddest story I’ve ever read involving Fenway Park is that of 29-year-old Denise Quickenton, who was seven months pregnant when she passed out in the heat at Fenway on Saturday and later died. Emma G. Fitzsimmons reports on the grieving husband, as well as the infant son the Doctors were able to save.

Benjamin’s notebook has Jason Varitek staying involved with the team despite not being able to take the field. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Jon Lester settling down and getting strong after his another tough first inning for the rookie. McAdam’s notebook has more on Varitek. Heuschkel’s notebook reports on Varitek’s surgery. Borges’ notebook has Varitek giving a vote of confidence to Doug Mirabelli. O’Neill’s notebook has Varitek’s absence as the most serious setback of the season.

Stan Grossfeld has a mini-feature on Arthur D’Angelo, owner of The Souvenir Store. (Or “Twins”) Grossfeld also has a piece on collector John Orrico, a former visiting batboy for the Seattle Mariners.

Patriots Training Camp

Mike Reiss has Tom Brady clarifying his statements in the Mike Silver SI piece, saying that things got overblown a little bit. John Tomase also has Brady addressing the Branch situation and the SI article. Chris Kennedy also focuses on Brady’s take on things. Michael Parente has more on Brady’s session with the media. Jennifer Toland says Brady would like to have Branch in camp today as a 29th birthday present.

John Tomase reports that Ted Bruschi has a possible break to the scaphoid bone in his wrist – a potentially serious injury. Tomase has done a good job being on top of this particular story. David Brown says that Bruschi’s injury puts the heat on the other linebackers in camp. Alan Greenberg has more on Brady and Bruschi. Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots getting old fashioned with some of their drills at camp this year.

Jerome Solomon leads off his piece on Reche Caldwell by telling us that the receiver hasn’t talked to the media yet. Overall the article is a very positive look at the receiver, who has been opening eyes in camp with the catches he’s been able to make on a daily basis. Pretty good stuff from Solomon. Kevin McNamara looks at how the Patriots are dealing with the heat. Christopher Price has more on the heat and how the Pats are coping. Albert Breer has a look at safety Guss Scott, who hopes that this is finally his year to stay on the field with the Patriots.

Reiss’ notebook has a look at Bruschi missing practice again, and also reports on Richard Seymour, whose agent confirms what Bill Belichick said about his absence having nothing to do with his contract extension. Michael Felger called Belichick a liar on the radio yesterday afternoon. Tomase’s notebook looks at the Patriots re-learning toughness in camp. He also chimes in on the Seymour angle, saying the Patriots could be in trouble with the league for misuse of the PUP list if they’re keeping him out because of his contract. The Projo notebook has more on Brady explaining his Branch comments. Kennedy’s notebook has more on how the squad is dealing with the heat. Parente’s notebook has Heath Evans looking to stick with the Patriots again this season. Toland’s notebook has the Patriots feeling that weather is never an issue with them. Brown’s notebook has Brady saying he’s not going to lobby for Branch, as much as he wants him in camp.


Bill Doyle profiles Fox25 newcomer Ryan Asselta in his Tuning In column.

James Murphy has the Bruins Glen Murray psyched for camp to start.

Peter May looks at Bruce Bowen as a sign of how priorities have changed for USA Basketball.

NESN has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00.