The Red Sox have gotten a rude awakening back in the American League the last two nights, thanks to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Last night, Curt Schilling and company suffered a 9-6 loss at the hands of the Rays, making it two losses in a row for the Red Sox.

Sean McAdam reports on the Red Sox experiencing the power of the Devil Rays, a club that is no longer an expansion weakling. Jeff Horrigan reports on Curt Schilling getting roughed up by the Rays, leaving the Sox ace praising the the strength of the Tampa lineup. David Heuschkel has more on Schilling’s slight mistakes costing the Sox. Chris Snow looks at the Rays satisfaction at beating Schilling and the Red Sox. David Borges says that the last two nights can be taken as evidence that the Red Sox still have plenty of work to do. Phil O’Neill has more on the Red Sox hitting a slight bump in the road the last two nights.

Bob Ryan looks at the Red Sox getting a jolt of humility from the Rays, who beat up the Sox in every aspect of the game last night. John Tomase notes that Curt Schilling’s new style of pitching leaves him a lot less room for error, and that was in evidence last night.

Horrigan reports on Matt Clement experiencing more “arm fatigue” and being shut down again. Tomase also looks at Mike Timlin getting cuffed around by the Rays last night and not breaking 91 on the radar gun, prompting more questions about the 40-year-old’s health. Garry Brown urges fans to vote for Chris Capuano from West Springfield and the Milwaukee Brewers for the final spot on the NL All Star team.

Steve Bailey looks at plans by the Red Sox to build The Bleacher Bar – a restaurant that would look out into centerfield at Fenway Park.

Snow’s notebook has Terry Francona saying that Manny will not participate in next Tuesday’s All Star game because of a sore knee, though Snow interjects his own doubts in there as to whether Manny is really hurt at all. Horrigan’s notebook has more on Manny, and he also seems to doubt, and cites Manny’s sick grandmother excuse five years ago as a reference for Manny not wanting to play. McAdam’s notebook has more on Clement’s arm troubles. Heuschkel’s notebook leads with the latest edition of Manny-gate. Borges’ notebook reports on the continuing pleasant surprise that is Gabe Kapler’s comeback. O’Neill’s notebook has more on Clement taking a step back in his recovery.

Sasha Talcott has a report on the increase of female fans for both the Red Sox and the Patriots.

Michael Muldoon says that Sebastian Telfair doesn’t need to be a savior for the Celtics, just a distributor. Yesterday, Mark Murphy said that Telfair has the style to mesh with the Celtics. Mike Fine says that while another veteran might be nice, Danny Ainge and the rest of the Celtics braintrust might be happy going into the season with the roster the way it is now. Shira Springer has Delonte West looking forward to the competition in the Celtics backcourt this fall. She also reports on the club signing draft pick Rajon Rondo.

Stephen Harris says that it appears that the Bruins finally get it, and have abandoned their decades long mindset of looking for players they could get for less than market value.

Chad Finn turns in another stellar edition of Touching All The Bases, and I don’t say that just because BSMW is mentioned…

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:15. ESPN has Yankees/Indians at 7:00.