The Red Sox extended their winning streak to 10 games last night, defeating the New York Mets 9-4 last night at Fenway Park. Jon Lester moved to 3-0 with the win, and the Red Sox currently sit 3.5 games ahead of the Yankees in the AL East.

Gordon Edes looks at the hot bats of the Red Sox helping them to yet another win on an event filled evening at Fenway. Jeff Horrigan has more on the Red Sox winning streak reaching 10 games. Shalise Manza Young notes that the best that the NL has to offer still wasn’t enough to stop the red hot Red Sox last night. David Heuschkel looks at a gutsy outing from Lester as a key to the win for the Red Sox. David Borges observes that if this was a World Series preview, then the Red Sox could be prepared to 86 some more ghosts. Bill Ballou looks at the Red Sox giving Jon Lester plenty of help en route to their 10th straight win.

Sean McAdam says that the Red Sox can’t get enough of this interleague play, which sadly comes to an end this weekend. Chris Snow looks at how the middle innings proved the Mets undoing last night. Silverman has the Mets giving respect to Jon Lester for his stuff and potential. Tony Massarotti has Lester giving credit to Jason Varitek for guiding him through his start. Steven Krasner’s Inside the Game notes that Alex Gonzalez’s bat is starting to catch up with his glove. The Red Sox shortstop had two more hits last night, including a two-run homer, to boost his average to .267 on the season – the same as David Ortiz. Garry Brown notes that both the Red Sox and Mets rely heavily on youth on their rosters.

Joan Vennochi has an appreciation for David Ortiz, who she says “makes it possible to think about the sunnier side of America’s classic pastime,” rather than the ugliness of the Brett Myers and Ozzie Guillen situations. Horrigan has a update on Peter Gammons, whose friends and family remain cautiously optimistic for a recovery from the aneurysm the legendary baseball analyst suffered yesterday. McAdam also has a brief report on Gammons.

Bob Ryan writes the Globe column on Pedro Martinez prior to his start tonight. If I were given the choice, I would’ve wanted Ryan to write this column, and it seems for once the Globe made the right call here. I suspect Shaughnessy will have something tomorrow about Pedro, (likely criticizing anyone who boos Martinez) but this column from Ryan is the one I wanted to see written. He did it right. Later this morning I will present to you the top entries in the Shaughnessy contest and we’ll have fun looking them over and judging a winner.

Perhaps the Globe should’ve had Chad Finn do the Pedro piece for them. Lenny Megliola also has a detailed piece on Pedro and his comments to the media yesterday afternoon. Gerry Callahan isn’t quite so euphorias in praise for Pedro, but agrees that Martinez doesn’t deserve to be treated the way Brett Myers deserved to be treated by the Boston fans. Michael Silverman looks at Pedro feeling the love from the Boston fans last night. Jeff Jacobs says that if you want to make things harder for your Red Sox tonight, go ahead and boo Pedro when he takes the mound. Tony Massarotti misses Pedro, and has a look at the comments from the Mets pitcher prior to last night’s game. Jon Couture opens his Pedro piece with some mild criticism of his fellow scribes for wasting questions on drivel. Shalise Manza Young has more on Pedro’s comments, which made it clear that Pedro still loves Boston and vice versa. Garry Brown reports that Pedro felt plenty of love in his return to Boston. Alex Speier also has a look at the return of Pedro Martinez. Rob Bradford takes a look at Pedro’s stroll down memory lane with the press yesterday. David Borges has more on Pedro being welcomed back to Boston. Mike Fine writes perhaps the only critical article on Pedro that you’ll read this week, as the acknowledges the greatness of Pedro’s pitching, but says the club rid themselves of a headache by not re-signing him. Dave Wedge in the Herald has a touching story on Pedro’s friendship with a cancer patient who eventually passed away from the disease.

Nick Cafardo has a very nice piece with Bruce Hurst giving his thoughts an observations on Jon Lester, who is the most impressive lefty starter to come up to the Red Sox since Hurst himself. Snow also has the 1986 team members appreciative of the crowd for cheering Bill Buckner’s name when it scrolled by on the scoreboard.

Check out coverage of the night’s activities and more Pedro articles on the New York Sports Pages.

Borges’ notebook has Manny Delcarmen telling of the time that Pedro pulled him aside in 2003 to offer encouragement after the the minor league prospect needed to undergo Tommy John surgery. Edes’ notebook has another update on Peter Gammons, who remains in a Boston area ICU after surgery for a brain aneurysm. Horrigan’s notebook looks at cheers for Bill Buckner at Fenway Park last night. The Projo notebook looks at the recovery of pitching coach Dave Wallace, who was in the Red Sox clubhouse yesterday. Ballou’s notebook reports that no one is even close to David Ortiz on the Red Sox when it comes to game winning hits.

Salsa Talcott has a look at Entercom hoping to recoup some of its massive investment in the Red Sox radio rights by selling naming rights to the broadcasts.

NBA Draft Tonight

In addition to the Pedro start tonight at Fenway, there is also the NBA draft going on, and the Celtics sit at #7, but rumors continue to swirl around possible moves Danny Ainge could make. Steve Bulpett reports that the Celtics are indeed trying talk the Philadelphia 76ers into trading Allen Iverson, but a holdup could be getting other teams into the mix. Tim Weisberg says to pay no attention to the internet rumors surrounding Iverson, he wouldn’t fit on this team, and looks at what Ainge could do instead. Shira Springer notes Ainge’s disdain for mock drafts, choosing instead to rank players, and what his thinking is as the organization does this.

Mark Murphy notes that a lot of mysteries will be cleared up tonight. Peter May observes that this is the first time in a long time where the number one pick and all that follow are nearly impossible to peg. Mike Anthony has various draft prospects speaking about the event tonight. Mike Fine says that getting a point guard seems to be at the top of Ainge’s wish list. Desmond Connor says Marcus Williams isn’t worried about the concerns about his work ethic. Dave Kraska looks at the sad tale of former super prospect Lenny Cooke.

Your first stop of draft coverage should of course be the BSMW Full Court Press, where they have their mock up of the first 15 picks of the draft. If Boston has a pick, than Cedric Simmons is their choice at #7. CelticsBlog will also has wall-to-wall coverage of every rumor and move. The Herald has Bulpett’s mock draft, where he says the Celtics are hoping they don’t have the #7 pick, but if they do, he has them selecting Rudy Gay. In the Globe, Peter May’s mock draft has the Celtics picking Randy Foye of Villanova – again if they keep the pick. Scott Souza’s mock draft also has the Celtics taking Foye, and he looks at what teams at the top are thinking regarding their picks.

Bruins Send Sully Packing

The Bruins finally let Mike Sullivan know his future last night, and it doesn’t include coaching the Bruins. Douglas Flynn says that the decision may have been the right one, but the process was very wrong. Stephen Harris says that the Rick Bowness firing by the Bruins after making the third round of the playoffs 14 years ago “was remembered by many as the one of the most unfair, shameless and low-class acts by the Bruins in decades. Until yesterday”. Kevin Paul Dupont also weighs in on the firing, and says that the Bruins could name a successor as early as today or tomorrow, with former Red Wings coach Dave Lewis being a likely candidate. Mike Colageo says that it is no real surprise that Sullivan is gone. He add that only an (assistant GM) Jeff “Gorton firing would surpass the bizarre treatment that Sullivan has endured throughout a process that mercifully ended for him yesterday.” Joe McDonald also has coverage of the dismissal. Flynn’s notebook has Bruins players disappointed with the news of Sullivan’s firing.

The BSMW Power Play Bruins blog looks at the holes in the current roster and possible names to fill them.

NESN has Red Sox/Mets at 7:00 (ESPN2 Nationally) ESPN has the NBA Draft at 7:00.