Gammons Update: Globe sports editor Joe Sullivan has details of a statement released by Peter Gammons wife Gloria, who reports that her husband is now resting comfortably and listed in “good” condition.

OK, so I’ve compiled up what I think are the top entries in the “Be Dan Shaughnessy” contest. Of course, the Globe decided not to cooperate with us and had Bob Ryan write the column on Pedro before his start tonight. I call that a victory. I’m not arrogant enough to suggest that this contest had anything to do with Ryan getting the call over Dan for this column, but it certainly is curious. Of course it could be nothing more than Ryan was scheduled to work last night and Shaughnessy wasn’t. But you’d think Dan would want this one…

Anytime there has been a “big” Red Sox story over the last few years, Shaughnessy has gotten the call. It has been Shaughnessy that writes the front page game stories in the playoffs, it was Shaughnessy that wrote a column on April 30th of this year, prior to the return of Johnny Damon, (However, Ryan did have one also that day)speculating about what type of reception the former Red Sox centerfielder would get from the Fenway crowd. When a topic concerning “Red Sox Nation” needs to be addressed, be it front office intrigue, the club using the paper to promote their travel club, or the team letting fans sit in the rain for hours and spend money on concessions before finally canceling the game, it was Shaughnessy who wrote it.

With Pedro, it figured to get personal, and that’s why we all expected to wake up this morning and read a column from Shaughnessy. He’s had his clashes with Pedro, calling him the Dominican Diva and many other names over the years. Pedro even singled out Shaughnessy by name in yesterday’s press conference. But when we went to the Globe today…


Not even another column about the 1986 club. (On another note, how ballsy is it that for 20 years Dan has told us about the curse that settled on Buckner, Gedman, Stanley, et al, and how they were losers, and then this week Dan tells us that they are the most under-appreciated team in baseball history?)

Of course, I’m still thinking Dan will appear in tomorrow’s paper. After Pedro’s appearance, and will weigh in on the outing by Martinez and the ovation that he will receive. He’ll talk about it bringing back memories and how these starts were always events back in Pedro’s prime with the Sox.

However, since Shaughnessy didn’t write today…we’ll have to go to the contest entries to do it for him. To that end, I’ve compiled the top 17 entries, (Wanted to do 15, but these were good) and placed them on this Dan Shaughnessy Contest Page. I had a number of other entries that I didn’t put up…some were just unsuitable for publication. (Still very funny though.) As it is, there might be one or two “borderline” ones in the list.

The instructions for voting are at the bottom of that page. Have fun going through the entries and selecting a winner.