With the rainout yesterday, we’ll just look at a few select links from today and the weekend.

With no Pedro column from Shaughnessy today, the deadline has been extended. You can still submit entries today for the contest.

Right now, I’m thinking I’m going put about the top 20 columns online somewhere and then let the readers decide the winner.

Check out another fantastic edition of the BSMW Full Court Press, which is looking at some of the other top prospects in the NBA draft. This is a followup to last week’s column which looked at the top six players.

Speaking of Dan, he was pretty much the only local media guy to touch the Brett Myers situation over the weekend. Tony Massarotti gingerly approached the topic, but to his credit Shaughnessy went after it fully.

Bob Ryan writes about Big Papi David Ortiz, who extended his legend even further in Boston, with yet another walk-off home run. Steven Krasner looks at the special qualities that make Ortiz who he is. Jeff Goldberg looks at how Curt Schilling handled an apology from Manny Delcarmen after the younger pitcher gave up the lead and cost Schilling a win on Saturday.

Gordon Edes’ Baseball Notes leads with Pedro Martinez’s happiness with the Mets and their transformation into a contender, and he follows that with a number of other interesting items. Tony Massarotti’s Covering All Bases, also looked at Martinez, who he calls the “single most fascinating player to write about and talk about” during his 15 years writing about baseball.

Michael Felger asserted on Sunday that if the Patriots are to be Super Bowl contenders, rookies and veterans who have been disappointments in the past are going to have to step up and produce. Jerome Solomon believes things aren’t looking too promising in the Deion Branch/Patriots negotiations. Albert Breer has a look at the Patriots offensive line, which looks to be in much better shape that the crew that took the field in Denver to end the season.

Peter May looked at a lean 20 years for the Boston Celtics. Mark Murphy’s NBA notes looks at Danny Ainge needing to hit a home run with this draft, and how Antoine Walker demonstrated that he really hasn’t matured all that much after all.

Seve Conroy has the Bruins pleased with their draft. Stephen Harris says that the Bruins turnaround is going to take some time. Kevin Paul Dupont weighs in on the Bruins top pick, Phil Kessel. Mick Colageo says that the Bruins had no choice but to grab Kessel. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says the Bruins are thrilled with Kessel and with goaltending prospect Tuukka Rask, whom they acquired from the Maple Leafs for Andrew Raycroft. Dupont has more on Rask.

NESN has Red Sox/Phillies at 1:00 and Ottawa/PawSox at 7:00. ESPN2 has Braves/Yankees at 7:00. ESPN has the College World Series – Oregon St/North Carolina at 7:00.