With the NBA and NHL finals now over, we’re heading into a quieter time for professional team sports, and fewer options for TV viewing. Which, when the weather is nice, is probably a good thing. This weekend…we’ll see how the weather goes here in New England.

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A reminder about participating in the “Be Dan Shaughnessy” contest – try to get the columns to me before Monday. I’ve gotten a number of top-notch ones thus far, and it’s going to be a tough call to pick a winner.

Callahan on Mariotti

Gerry Callahan has been dead-on-target with his comments and criticism towards Jay Mariotti and Rick Morrissey yesterday and today. Callahan showed that he knows the role of a columnist and what the responsibilities are. He called Mariotti “pathetic” for making the story yesterday about himself. He called out Morrissey for suggesting that Mariotti needed to go down to the clubhouse and confront Ozzie Guillen and take the manager’s wrath for the column. Callahan shared something his former sports editor at the Herald once told him – that he didn’t want Callahan hanging around the clubhouses because he wanted him to remain separate and not form some friendships or relationships that would taint his opinion. The point Callahan made several times was that the columnist’s main responsibility is to the reader.

I’ve always held that Callahan the sports writer and columnist is a much different personality than Callahan the radio host. Gerry was outstanding the last two days in his commentary on the situation involving Mariotti. The wish here is that we heard more of Callahan the sports guy.

Mariotti is a clown and we in Boston should be glad we don’t have him here.

In the same discussion, Greg Dickerson, subbing for John Dennis this morning, lauded Dan Shaughnessy as the ultimate example of someone who can both dish it out and take it.

Move On People

I enjoyed Bronson Arroyo when he was with the Red Sox, and I’m rooting for him to do well with the Reds. However, I grew tired of the constant lament, updates and tongue baths towards the former Red Sox hurler being tossed by the local media long ago. This morning, we had an article in both the Globe and Herald, breathlessly giving us the latest on Bronson, and how he’s not mad at the Red Sox for trading him and how much he still loves Boston. Last night on Fox 25 they had a full segment on Arroyo, with a reporter talking to as many Red Sox players as he could about whether they miss Bronson, and whether the team would be better with him, and other such inane questions. It’s time to move on. Sure, Arroyo would look good in the rotation, but he’s gone. The team is in first place, and doing pretty well. No amount of pining away is going to get him back here this season. Wish him well and focus on the players that are actually here.

For those who really want Arroyo here, consider this comparison of numbers put up last season. (Thanks to “Feejis” for the stats.)


Who is “Pitcher X”? Scroll down to the end to find out.

Local Media/Blogs/Items

David Scott relates his experience with the Boston Globe Magazine roundtable which he attended last week, and has some criticism of the magazines State of Boston’s four teams report from last Sunday.

In other local sports media columns, Susan Bickelhaupt notes that while we may be going into the dog days of professional teams sports with the NBA and NHL seasons over and only MLB in season, things for ESPN are really heating up as they are entering one of the busiest periods of time for them. She also notes that Jerry Remy and Ron Darling will exchange spots in the Red Sox and Mets TV booths for a few innings during next week’s series between the clubs. Jim Baker talks to NESN