Some quick links this morning as I continue the struggle against the 15 hour time difference. Who knew it could last this long and I’d still be unable to get to sleep until 4:00 AM four days later?

David Scott has his weekly edition of Scott’s Shots, where he ponders the possible end of the Bill Simmons era at ESPN, and has a number of worthwhile links and thoughts.

Jim Baker previews the sports weekend with the Red Sox taking on the Tigers and the NHL and NBA playoffs continuing. Susan Bickelhaupt lauds Mike Lynch for WCVB’s weekly “High 5” segment. Andrew Neff looks at the AP Sports awards for Maine, with sports radio station WZON winning five awards. Last week Neff reported that Gary Tanguay has gotten a second movie role.

A few Red Sox Links…Tony Massarotti lashes out against the bandwagon fans that have come aboard in the last 3-4 years. He says they’re taking all the tickets and ruining the experience for the “real” fans. While I might agree with the overall theme, it seems a bit ironic that Massarotti and a lot of other media people used those same bandwagon fans to sell books to after the World Series championship. Tony doesn’t have to worry about getting tickets to the games for himself. It was also amusing to read Tony write that “the masochists” were claiming that interest in the Red Sox would cool off after they finally won a title. Actually it was many of Tony’s colleagues in the media that were writing and saying that. Lastly, is this really a front page story? Bill Ballou looks at Mike Lowell giving early chase to Earl Webb’s MLB doubles record of 67 in a season. Lowell has 23 doubles in 51 games, projecting to 73 in the course of a full season. David Borges looks back to a “lucky” incident in spring training which might’ve changed the course of the early season for Jonathan Papelbon and the Red Sox. Bob Ryan says it would’ve been fun to have Roger Clemens back here, and revisits some of his own quotes from when Clemens first arrived in Boston back in 1984.

Kevin Paul Dupont and Mike Loftus look at the job facing new Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli.

Mark Murphy looks at the Celtics workout of 19 year old Spanish point guard Sergio Rodriguez. The Boston Globe has Wally Szczerbiak recovering from surgery and planning on coming back strong next season for the Celtics.

Christopher Price says that the New England Patriots and Detroit Pistons are cut from the same cloth.