…and I’m back…

After a whirlwind month, I’m finally back in New England and ready to get back into the swing of things around here. The wedding and trip was fantastic, and it was really good to just get away from things for awhile. I haven’t ever really done that. I kept up with the Red Sox, mostly by scores in the Australian papers, (no box scores, just scores) and the occasional trip to RedSox.com on the computer of whichever hotel I was at that day. It was kind of nice to just see the scores each day and know that the team was doing pretty well. I wondered occasionally what faux controversy was being aired on the Boston airwaves and who was being ripped mercilessly. Those thoughts would last about 3 seconds before I would happily move onto some other more pleasant thought. It reminded me of growing up when following my team was as simple as finding out whether they won or lost the night before. I remember following the entire 1984 Celtics champion run by reading the AP stories in the Union Leader at my grandmother’s house next door. There were no miserable talk radio hosts trying to suck the joy out of the season. It was just keeping up with the team, and gladly taking any small bits of information I could get.

Seems quite a bit happened while I was gone. The Red Sox ditched Greater Media Boston at the altar and went back to Entercom, although the games will be on WRKO starting next spring. The Patriots had rookie mini-camp and Doug Flutie called it a career. The Bruins hired a GM, and there were a couple rounds of Red Sox/Yankees battles. Most recently, Roger Clemens decided to go back to the Astros. Some of all of that I’m glad I wasn’t around for. I was in danger of getting burned out on the Red Sox “coverage” before the month of June.

Getting to the links, the Red Sox managed to take the last game of their latest three game set with the Blue Jays, 8-6 behind four home runs and four very young pitchers (plus Keith Foulke). Chris Snow notes also the defensive wizardry of Alex Gonzalez as a key to the victory, as the Red Sox shortstop helped turn four double plays last night. Jeff Horrigan writes that the high-wire act performed by Pauley and the Red Sox was tough to watch at times last night. Steven Krasner has more on the offense, defense and relief pitching coming through for the Red Sox. David Heuschkel notes that the Red Sox had to shake off more injuries to overcome the Blue Jays last night. David Borges reports on David Pauley and the Red Sox keeping their composure last night to hold on and win. Bill Ballou has more on the Red Sox managing to hold on win when they have to.

Tony Massarotti observes that it was the little things that enabled the Red Sox to escape the sweep last night from the Jays. Nick Cafardo looks at the start from young David Pauley, who hopes to get another start next week against the Yankees. Horrigan reports on the upcoming wrist surgery that will sideline Wily Mo Pe