Today we’re ending up the week looking at the best and worst of the in-game analysts here in Boston. These guys are there to give us insight and commentary about the game as it unfolds in front of them (and us). A good color analyst will tell you things you did not know, and might not have seen until you get a replay of what just happened. The great ones can also tell you ahead of time what is about to happen next.

What does the field look like here in Boston? Here are the results for the best in-game (color) analyst:


Not too much of a surprise here. Hometown guy and former Red Sox second baseman Jerry Remy has become a cult figure here in Boston, with his own website and line of merchandise. The adulation is well deserved as Remy does indeed oftentimes tells you what is going to happen just before it does take place. Remy took away 774 votes for 59% of the total. While he sometimes can get caught up in silliness and can spend way too much time talking about Wally the Green Monster, you do have to keep in mind that it is a long season, and there are games in which it is simply difficult to keep on focus because of a blowout. When the big moments of the game arise, Remy raises his game as well. While Remy was probably at the top of his game when working with Sean McDonough – no one could fill a blowout game like those two – he has developed a good relationship with Don Orsillo, though admittedly not on the level of what he had with McDonough.

Andy Brickley’s strong second place finish despite the dismal year the Bruins had is a testament to his skills and ability in the booth. Another native New Englander who also played professionally for the local team, Brickley provides very good analysis and insight on the Bruins telecasts on NESN. Brickley picked up 178 votes for 14% to just edge out the third place finisher, Gino Cappelletti of the WBCN Patriots radio broadcasts. Cappelletti might be just a tad past his prime, but is still a fan favorite and you’re glad he’s still in the booth with Gil Santos as those two have seen more Patriots football then perhaps anyone else alive.

Reader Comments: I threw Max a vote for best commentator here. The guy has evolved into one of the all-time funniest color guys I've ever heard—he knows the game inside and out and he is candid. Bonus points for never wavering on disliking Mark Blount…. I voted for Maxwell as the best. A great combo of funny and insightful. There's a reason The Sopranos chose to use the commentary from a Celtics game to use in their season opener. Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack…. I'm switching my vote to Max this year for several reasons. First, no one has worked harder at his job to get rid of the "ebonics" and deep southern accent problems that plagued him in his early years. Second, I find Max consistently funny (at least 2 or 3 laughs per game) and insightful at the same time. Finally, the "quacks" notwithstanding, Max is no homer. He is perfectly willing to point out the flaws of the C's, both in individuals and in the team as a whole. And—unlike the BC broadcast team—Max does not believe every foul was committed against the Celtics.

Now to the worst in this category:


No one was deemed bad enough to be saddled with the worst label, which is good. Tommy Heinsohn may be a shameless homer and his screaming at the officials can get on some people’s nerves, but as someone who grew up listening to Johnny Most, Tommy has simply picked up the torch that Most handed to him. Broadcast partner Mike Gorman deserves a huge round of applause for his ability to balance Tommy’s act for sake of the viewers. Jerry Remy actually got 13% of the worst vote…likely from those who might feel that the “remdawg” has gotten overexposed the last few years.

Reader Comments: I would like to vote "none" on the second part, but ended up going with Bob Beers, just because I never liked him as a player…. As for worst, its Gino again for me. I love him like my own grandpa and respect his accomplishments but he adds bupkis to the broadcast… You know who's coming up fast for me on the "worst" side of the ledger? Jerry Remy. His constant pimping of his website is annoying and his popularity has made him lazy.

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