Today we’re looking at a new category, media blogs. 2005 saw this genre really take off, not only with the local media outlets, but with media everywhere. It seems everyone has a blog these days, and they’re actually a great medium for sports tidbits and information that might be interesting, but doesn’t really fit into a game story or notebook. Since they can be published quickly and RSS feeds enable readers to be notified of new entries, it is also a great place to break news. The bare bones news information can first be published, with followups coming as more information becomes available.

Some old timers in the traditional media may have been slow to accept blogging as an addition to their regular workload, but now you might find the name of any Globe, Herald or Projo reporter covering a Patriots or Red Sox game appear in the corresponding blog for that team.

Here’s a look at the voting for the media blogs:


This isn’t much of a surprise, since Reiss’ Pieces practically invented the formula here locally of a media person blogging news and items about a sports team. Mike Reiss started the blog on the Boston Herald website when he was with the Metro West Daily News, and when he was hired by the Globe, was able to move to blog along with him. This was probably the best hire of the Joe Sullivan era at the Globe, as the blog is by far the most popular media blog in the market as shown by the numbers. 679 people, or 48% of the total on this poll put Reiss’ Pieces down as the best in the category.

227 people, or 16% of the total felt that Boston Dirt Dogs was the best. 13% of people felt no media blog was worthy of the “best” moniker.

Reader Comments: Reiss’ Pieces gives out sweet tidbits like the original Reese Pieces…It's amazing what actually asking players relevant questions and printing the answers will get you—what a revolutionary concept.

Here’s the voting for the worst:


Another blog was named as worst blog.Style and content-wise, it could not be more polar-opposite in style than Reiss’ Pieces. While it came in second in the best voting, Boston Dirt Dogs got twice as many votes for worst media blog. BDD has been very popular with members of “Red Sox Nation” – not the hard core Red Sox fan, but the more casual observer who craves huge headlines and knee-jerk rants like they would have after a few beers. (“Manny is KILLING us!!!!”). In its earlier days, the site would provide some breaking news and inside information, but they’re gone away from that in favor of the more sensationalist approach to looking at the team. 476 people or 37% of the total felt that BDD was the worst media-backed blog out there. 36% of people felt that no one deserved the tag of worst.

Reader Comments: I knew that the "worst" vote was gonna be a real nail-biter….Every time we say that it's a media source beholden to the rules of journalism, they say it's just a blog. Every time we say it's just a blog, they say it's a media source worthy of the name. As Marge Schott would say, Boston Dirt Dog “had good ideas, they just went too far.”

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