Today’s voting recap is the category of Best/Worst Sports Radio Personality. These are guests, not full time hosts. We’ll have a recap on that category later in the month.

It was hard to include everyone, with so many media people making regular appearances on sports radio these days.

Here’s how the voting came out in this category:


Sean McAdam of the Providence Journal took home top honors with 465 votes for 32% of the 1471 total. McAdam is oftentimes a voice of reason on the soap opera known as WEEI’s Big Show. While others are in hysterics or trying to fan the flames of panic among the fandom McAdam usually steps in with levelheaded analysis and good information on whatever topic is currently being obsessed over. McAdam made several appearances on various shows, doing a weekly segment on Dale & Holley, Segments on Sports Radio the Score in Providence, doing the Sunday morning baseball show on WEEI and taking the occasional turn as co-host on the Big Show.

Bob Ryan is a favorite guest because of his passion, knowledge and experience in the industry. He did shows on the ESPN 900 in Nashua, as well as on the new ESPN Radio Boston. Despite the limited coverage area, he came in second in this category with 18% of the vote.

Reader Comments: I went with Tony Mazz as the best. I like how he regularly stands up to Ordway's moronfest (I also recognize he's knee-deep in it as well). I'd feel more confident about voting ten folks “worst” than I do about this one. This category is loaded.... Mike Reiss, Josh Miller, and Bob Ryan make Felger's show a must-listen….For “best” it has to be Ryan. No one brings a combination of knowledge and enthusiasm to the air like Bob.

Now, onto the worst category:


Ron Borges barely squeaked by Jon Meterparel to take the top spot in this area, getting 257 votes and a 17% share to the morning flashguy’s 210 votes and 14% share. These are out of 1472 total votes cast.

Borges spent the first part of the year on the old 1510 as a guest of the Eddie Andelman program. Because of the small audience, Borges felt confident to make wild accusations and statements that he would not be challenged on, nor would he ever make in his newspaper column. When the station folded operations, Borges moved over to ESPN Boston to a slightly larger audience on Mike Felger’s program. He continued making the outlandish statements, but at least now had someone to semi-challenge him in Felger. Borges also appeared on the Patriots pregame shows on WBCN. All of these snide, I know something you don’t references to Bill Belichick’s character were tiresome. His constant claims that the Patriots were nothing more than a lucky club ready to fall apart annoyed enough people to place in atop this category.

Jon Meterparel delights in playing the contrarian role to a degree on the Dennis & Callahan program. He likes to make unpopular picks and trash popular players as part of his shtick.

Reader Comments: Lots of great choices for the worst, but I had to go with Meterparel over Larry Johnson in the top spot purely because he's slightly more evil. It's like a choice of getting hit by a bus or a train… ...the most deserving candidate...Butch Stearns... Hector Longo also could have been a contenda. Halloran, helped nicely by his nails-on-a-chalkboard, smarmy whine, gets the nod…. Bob Halloran makes Felger's show a must-avoid.….I think Stearns, with his unique blend of know-it-all smarm and utter cluelessness doused with "Hey, I'm on television ... are you?" super sauce, is the single biggest reason to switch to Braille….Another "strong" field in the worst category. Since I gave Calistaparel the nod elsewhere I'm pleased about the chance to give Fred "Dead from the Neck Up" Smerlas a vote here.