When Tim Wakefield is on the mound this season, there have been a couple trends in play. 1) The Red Sox don’t score a lot of runs. 2) Josh Bard struggles hanging onto the ball. Both trends held last night as the Indians defeated the Red Sox 7-1 and Bard’s fielding line in the box score looks something like this: PB: Bard 4 (10).

Joe McDonald believes that eventually Bard will get comfortable as Wakefield’s catcher, but for now, the knuckler is getting the better of him. David Heuschkel has more on a tough night for Bard and the Red Sox. Chris Snow observes that not having Jason Varitek’s bat in the lineup on the days that Wakefield pitches could be a big factor in the lack of offense on those days. Jeff Horrigan looks at Wakefield once again pitching pretty well, but suffering because of the passed balls of Bard. David Borges however, says that Wakefield was more to blame for this loss than Bard was. Phil O’Neill has more on a tough night all around for Bard, Wakefield and the Red Sox.

You can check the Cleveland coverage in the Plain Dealer.

Gordon Edes looks at the Red Sox options should they decide to go in a different direction with Bard. He notes that they have a catcher at Pawtucket who can’t hit a lick, but has been shown an ability to catch the knuckler of Jared Fernandez. Steve Buckley (subscription only) reports on Bard’s teammates coming to his defense regarding the passed balls and notes that Bard is what he is, a steady solid backup catcher, who is adjusting to catching the knuckleball. Edes also looks at Wily Mo Pe